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  1. Spoiler disclaimer: contains parts of puzzles from MI2, The Whispered World and Runaway 2, if you haven't played them: go to Steam NOW So, I think most of us know that in Monkey Island 2 you were supposed to CLOSE the door behind you in Largo's room once you were inside. So, when playing "The Whispered World" recently they used this type in the first chapter, okay, piece of cake since there is not much else to interact with and only three verbs available. But in Chapter 2 they decided to include the same puzzle AGAIN in a totally different location. Took me quite a while to figure that one out. Things got worse when the mouse you obtained was used to get trousers from a cliff, because your caterpillar comrade is obviously incapable of doing so. Closing door-puzzles is not something that I really like, from almost every other adventure game I'm used to the idea that a door is a door, something that simply seperates two rooms. And using the exact same puzzle twice is just not fun. I'm not talking about a simple start-up puzzle and then later on another more difficult version of the puzzle, totally okay with this, well until they appear for the fifth time or so Speaking of doors: Neither is using items on directions instead of objects fun. In Runaway 2 you were supposed to use two jugs of wine with your room. With the ROOM, a direction that popped up when hovering. I think it even had an arrow, not sure though. To everyone complaining about Inventory Puzzles. They can get quite annoying, especially if you are stuck and your protagonists has three different lines of dialog to offer to tell you that you are a moron. Most games from the creators of "Secret Files" or "Lost Horizon" (I hope a couple of people outside Germany know these) feature a visible system. Combination impossible: on-screen mouse is white, combination possible: on-screen mouse turns red. So basically if you have 10 items in your inventory, you can just hover over the different items quickly rather than trying each of the 45? combinations and listening to 45? lines of dialog telling you that you are in fact the most incompentent human on the entire planet.
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