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  1. You're right. It's a terrible argument because movies are such good value for entertainment compared to video games. Right? Tim's vision was clear, he wanted quality over quantity. Sure, he could have made a longer game, but it would either need to cost more to keep the current levels of polish, or the quality would need to be reduced in order to give more content. It's a battle all entertainment creators have. They already explained in the docu's why they had to split the adventure up. Act 2 could be longer for all we know. How about giving them the benefit of the doubt, when other game kickstarters have vanished. DFA actually released something polished, beautiful and fun to play. Act 2 cant come soon enough (but I'll happily wait as long as needed to maintain these standards).
  2. Took about 4-5 hours, taking short breaks. I did Shay's story first, and I'm super glad I did as it doubled the "oh sh!t!" ending Vella's story I found to be more classic and slightly harder. While I think it's nice that the players gets to choose which side to play first, playing Shay's first has a few story & gameplay advantages.
  3. Really? People are complaining it's too short? It's only Act 1! Average time seems to be about 4-5 hours. You pay $20 at the movies for just 2-3 hours of entertainment. We have a whole other Act to go. Not to mention the huge value we got for the documentary. Really enjoyed it. Great job DF!
  4. Showing the reality of game development here. It's really brave of them to do it in this way, I feel I got my money's worth just with these documenties. I look forward to it being finished (but please make sure you take your time)
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