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  1. I love that Tim has a 'Metal Blade Records' folder on in his METAL folder DF Guys, can I share this image? Like tweet it to Metal Blade or something? If that's spoiling anything I won't, but I think it would be cool
  2. I'm fluent in English and Portuguese, if you guys need and extra hand. I don't mind translating entire episodes.
  3. Hi, I'm a Mac user, but still want to contribute to the Amnesia Fortnight, just because it's awesome. I was wondering if there is anything you could include that is Mac friendly? I know we have been the outcasts of gaming (bring on the "buy a pc" and "use bootcamp" comments) but I'm a big fan of the kind of the stuff you, Kickstarter and the Humble Bundles are doing and like being involved. I started creating games a little while ago, so being able to be in touch with game devs and learn about/watch the whole process has been one of the most motivating things for me, these days. I probably will get a PC eventually, but I'm also kind of hoping that making games for multiple platforms becomes more normal. Basically, I'm asking if there's a chance any of the games could be crossplatform (possibly post-Fortnight?) or if there is more stuff Mac users can still get out of the bundle, besides the live stream (music maybe?). I'm prepared for the obvious answer, but I'd like to know what Double Fine and you guys from the forums think about this, too. Cheers!
  4. Premiere is not an industry standard. Personally, I prefer Final Cut. Avid is just too frustrating for me, even though I was taught it in school. I have never met any professionals who use Premiere.
  5. OMG, that was awesome! will there be any more guest directed updates/episodes?
  6. And for some reason 60fps looks like a really cheap home camera, I always wondered why that is, especially since games do not seem to have that problem. It's possibly some sort of uncanny valley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley) effect, where it becomes too realistic for your brain to realise it's film, but obviously not realistic enough for your brain to think that it's reality, games obviously avoid the problem by not looking realistic enough in the first place, I think it is more about how used we are to the speed of moving pictures. When movies were first invented, people actually believed they were real. Over time, frame rates got faster not only with the advancement of technology, but with that of the collective perception of moving images (ie: cars got faster). If you watch old movies you can actually notice the frames skipping because we are now accustomed to a much faster rate, but in those days nobody would notice because they weren't used to anything faster. I could go on about tests that were done on airplane pilots who, due to flying at high speeds (and maybe having a propellor in front of them), could recognize the skipping in images when normal people couldn't, but I don't know all the details. You should get the idea though. Nowadays we are still used to the current standard of film (24 or 25 fps) so it is normal that we find faster rates a bit strange. By this I mean, movies shot at 24/25 fps retain that "film look" that we are used to. Also, movies are still projected/broadcast at this rate, so footage shot at faster rates usually have to be converted to this standard, which might look weird. Computer screens, which can have faster display rates, do not have this problem because we are actually already used to these much faster frame rates, but we do not associate them with that "film look" so it's is ok. The next generation will grow up on even faster frame rates (watch out for Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" and the new 48 fps standard) and will never see it as strange and will think movies from our time look old. We just have to get used to it I guess! EDIT: for those who like reading, I just found this two part article that talks about how the human eye sees frames per second. It is explained much more academically and with a few more factors that influence our perception, like motion blur, which is something I forgot to mention: http://amo.net/NT/02-21-01FPS.html http://amo.net/nt/05-24-01FPS.html
  7. You can never go wrong with the Sennheiser MKH416 P48. I have the exact same mic and it always does the job. I find it very interesting how this microphone, invented for the U.S. military in the 60's, has been an industry standard for decades whilst cameras keep changing with the times. It just makes me happy to think that in 5 or 10 years I can still be current with my trusty 416, something I doubt my DoP friends can say about their cameras. Not that they aren't good or anything (the Moviecam SuperAmerica still looks fantastic, DSLRs are still very useful), but there's always a new and better one coming out setting a new standard ("OMG, do you know about the new Sony NEX-FS700? It captures 200fps at 1080p!"). I know it is also similar with sound equipment ("Yeah, like sound recorders and mixers, or what about the MKH8060?"), but the 416 is still the best of it's kind, in my opinion. Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to give you all a few fun facts.
  8. I just finished Bontanicula today and would love to know what you guys think of it. Great game. I love the sound and music especially.
  9. I'd love to see Dungeon Keeper 3 and Stonekeep 2... Abuse would be awesome too!
  10. King's Quest 4 or 5. Can't remember.
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