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  1. That's totally fine. I know the documentary will be worth it when it's finished, and I think it's super cool that 2 Player Productions got to pitch and Asif got picked!
  2. CaliburnCY, THANK YOU. I have looked all over for that video, including on Twitch, and couldn't find it. I will watch it ASAP!
  3. I'm glad to see we're near the finish line. It never occurred to me until today to check the DoubleFine forums for a progress report, and the total radio silence over the last year has been very worrying. Perhaps in the future it'd be better to email people waiting for a product instead of just posting on the forums? I'm really anxious to see the playthroughs of the games, especially Little Pink Best Buds. I couldn't watch Tim's playthrough video as-it-happened, because I was at work. And unfortunately it didn't seem to live very long before getting taken down. If I could just get that video posted on my Humble Bundle page while I wait for the Blu-ray, I'd be a lot happier. Thanks for your continued attention and work on this.
  4. I don't mind. I still got something special by having the privilege of watching the documentary "as it happened", instead of having to wait until the end. DoubleFine has gotten more and more transparent, with the Team Streams of Massive Chalice publicly available on Youtube and the public Amnesia Fortnight's in 2012 and 2014. I think it's awesome and I'd love the world to see it. I feel like people are beating on Kickstarter now simply because the public and the press both love a "scandal". But I've never had a complaint about the way Broken Age was handled. And although what's been happening with Peter Molyneux's Godus and Neil Stephenson's Clang are unfortunate and understandably have made some more pessimistic about Kickstarter, there have been plenty of success stories too. I have more than a dozen games that I personally backed on Kickstarter in my steam library right now, including 3 that came out in the last week (Reassembly, Hot Tin Roof, and There Came an Echo). Thanks for being considerate of our feelings. My vote is: release away!
  5. Hello Massive Chalice team. I played the beta for a few hours today and I'm impressed with the quality of even an unfinished project. You had a small budget and that makes this even more impressive. I've encountered almost no bugs. I thought a few suggestions during my initial playthrough: * Combat feels too simple: The game feels a lot like X-COM: Enemy Unknown on the field and when leveling up, which is good, but it just doesn't seem to have much tactical depth. From what I've seen so far, there are only 3 classes? There don't appear to be any cover mechanics, and no "attack of opportunity" or overwatch (no incentive to leave an action point at the end of your turn). I admit I was hoping for something a but more complex. Any chance of adding more depth to the combat system? * More info about the map and the enemies is needed: I was surprised that even though I can see the movement limits of my own party, there didn't appear to be any way to see how far the enemy could move, so I could plan to stay out of their range. There's also no way (that I could see) to tell what their chance to hit you is. Maybe this is intentional, because the Cadence is mysterious and we don't know their abilities, but that seems unlikely because when I'm about to attack one I can hit the "?" icon to see their stats. I also found myself really wanting a mini-map when in combat, so I more easily see where everyone was in relation to the map, and which areas we hadn't explored yet. And sometimes I see things like "obscured" when I move into a tile with foliage. But the game doesn't really explain what that means. Is my character unnoticed when he's "obscured"? If the enemy sees him, do they have a reduced chance to hit? If so, reduced by how much? More info about the mechanics in the UI would be nice. * Hunter is more powerful than the other classes: This has been said in other threads, but given what I've seen so far I really don't see why I'd use any other class except Hunter. Their damage and range makes them far more effective than the other two classes I've seen. And the stealth only adds to their utility. It's possible that this changes later in the game but that's my impression based on what I've seen so far. * I recommend using only left-click for actions: Normally I can left click on a square or menu to move, attack, or take other actions. Because of this, I expected that right-clicking would allow me to see more unit info, or cancel my current action if I hadn't finished executing it. I've been surprised quite a few times when I right-clicked to back out or to try and get more info on the thing I was clicking on and then my character did something I didn't intend for them to do. The fact that right-clicking is used elsewhere in the game to get info about building and heroes and such only adds to the confusion.
  6. The Steam Early Access is a good idea. I'd hate to think we're missing out on all kinds of awesome stuff Tim designed for the game that we'll never get to see. So anything you guys do to avoid cutting content (apart from going to a publisher, of course), is fine with me. Going to watch this episode shortly. I always enjoy them. I wonder though if Massive Chalice is going to run into these kind of scope problems? It only got about a third of the money that Broken Age did....
  7. Glad to hear it! Thanks Dan and Chris for responding. Do you think this should be mentioned in the documentary?
  8. I've really been enjoying the documentary so far. But there's one thing I'm curious about.... There's been a lot of press in the past about how many people in the video games industry end up having to work 70+ hour weeks, mandatory crunches, and similar things, and how it's left them with little time for family or life outside of work. Electronic Arts in particular seems to be a company that demands much more time of their employees than many would consider reasonable. What are things like at DoubleFine? Assuming Chris or another DF employee reads this post, can we please get this touched on in the documentary? Just what is it like to work there in a normal week? Thanks.
  9. I am a Kickstarter Backer who isn't getting e-mails. But as long as I can find the updates on the project page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doublefine/double-fine-adventure/posts, then that's fine. Actually about 6 months ago I stopped receiving Kickstarter project update e-mails about ANY Kickstarter project (I am currently backing 22 projects). I've contacted Kickstarter about the problem, but have received no reply. In the end, I've just resorted to visiting Kickstarter once a week or so to check my inbox for updates. That's working fine for me for now. I *do* get e-mails from Kickstarter with important announcements, such as when a project I've backed achieves their funding goal. I'm not sure why they're able to send me these e-mails but not others. I also get an e-mail from DoubleFine whenever the "DFA Development Update Table of Excellent Contents" forum thread is updated, so that works too.
  10. Unfortunately, I can't remember every idea I voted for, and I can't see how to check at this point. But here's some thoughts I remember having: Liked/Voted For: The White Birch - I love artistic atmospheric games like Ico/Journey/Shadow of the Colossus, etc. Flopulus - Seemed well thought out and zany/original enough to be fun. Bragging & Fighting - This one seemed like a really fresh idea. And I'm a huge fan of board/card game dynamics. I admit I don't fully understand how the game would be played but it sounded like it'd be funny and also unlike anything out there. Also, the DF employee pitching the project was the person from whom I learned about Amnesia Fortnight. Autonomous - As a programmer/experimenter I love the idea of being able to build logical machines in game. I've played a few battle-bot style games like this before and liked them. And I'm a fan of games that are winnable and have a clearly defined victory condition, but allow you to get there in your own way. Didn't Like: Spacebase DF-9 - I've never really been a fan of "sim" games. But in this case especially I felt like it's already been done quite a few times (in the form of Startopia, the recently funded Maia, etc). Shine Run - Again, this has been done recently. Search Google Play for "Shine Runner". It's one of the more well-known Android games. Even the title is almost exactly the same. Silent but Deadly - I find this game idea to be in extremely poor taste. Kaiju Piledriver - This could be ok, but it just didn't sound like there was much to differentiate it. Giant fighting monsters has been done many times.
  11. The description you provide of what a producer does also sounds a lot like the description for "manager". Is there a big difference between "producer" and "manager"? If so, can you elaborate more on that?
  12. A level where there's a prototype unit of currency on a pedestal somewhere - you can switch it out with another item and that instantly becomes the new legal currency. For example - put a stapler on the pedestal and everyone's money immediately becomes worthless and they start spending staplers instead. It could totally change the economy.
  13. A world where everything is controlled or manipulating via trading cards - collect the right cards and play them at the right time to get ahead - or even just to order lunch. A world where literally all vices (and maybe virtues too?) are allowed but are heavily regulated. Example: you can tell a lie, but you only get 1 class-A lie and 7 class-B lies per week. A MMORPG-like world where the NPCs are rebelling against the annoying players who keep doing things like bursting into their houses and smashing their pots looking for money. A world where the style or brand of your clothing gives you different powers depending in what's in vogue in your current location (Actualy "The World Ends With You" on the Nintendo DS had something like this, but I think it could be taken further). A future museum where 20th and 21st century artifacts are on display and the museum curators have grossly misunderstood their purposes.
  14. An inescapable wonderland-esque cubicle maze in a bizzaro business world. The inside of atoms (maybe there are little gnomes who make atomic clockwork and have to make sure electrons keep orbiting properly?) A "quantum" world where everything you do also causes something that COULD have happened to happen as well. A world where doing somebody a favor boosts the giver's luck, and lower's the recipient's. A world where days occur in reverse order, so each day you need to make sure to do the things that caused the previous days events. A world where childhood games have power (the floor is lava when children say it is, you literally freeze when tagged in freeze-tag, your mother's back breaks when you step on a crack, etc)
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