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  1. Psychonauts 1 is amazing. There are many reasons for that: the adventure, the fun, the humor, the story, the game mechanics, the unexpected, and the fact that you discover new things every time you play it. (20 super fun hours each!!!) And I think, all of these could be replicated in Psychonauts 2. But, there is one thing that Psychonauts 1 has that I think will be very difficult to recreate in Psychonauts 2. You start Psychonauts 1 with no Pschyc powers, you have to learn them and earn them one by one. And every time you get a new power, it opens a whole new world of possibilities, you can reach places you couldn’t before, and do new things, and you start thinking how you can use it in the places you have been before. The backpack is full of merit badges, we've already earned them. To re-create the experience of earning the merit badges, they will have to remove the old ones, or add new ones. Not sure about any of those... But I don't make games and Double Fine and Tim do, I have plenty of confidence they will make an Amazing game. It's going to be so much fun! Thanks! JP
  2. Hi Tim! The main reason I backed this project was not to buy a game and a documentary, but to support a cause. I love what you have done and I would love to have more. All the games you worked at LucasArts are amazing, and Psychonauts is spectacular! I am thrilled you are making DOTT special edition (my favorite game ever). I think making the documentary public will help the cause a lot. And that is all that matters, so do it. And make more amazing games! (especially Psychonauts 2 ) Thanks! JP
  3. HI!!! DOTT!!!! The best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite game of all times! To the team: Once you have started this project, could you please release some awesome wallpapers? 1920x1200 if possible. Thanks!!! JP
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite game of all times! It will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you please share some 1920x1200 Wallpapers? Thanks!! JP
  5. Hi! Fantastic game! It would be interesting to know some details about the development of the game. For example: - development time (months, years. How many?) - Team size (How many people?) - Budget? And could you compare these with the ones for Psychonauts? Thanks! Juan Pablo
  6. The game will be released in 18 hours. It will be 23 in California, but 24 in the rest of the world.
  7. Thanks a lot! Now, that's my new wallpaper!
  8. Hi! I can hardly wait for the release of this game. It will be AWESOME! Could you please put in the web page: http://thecavegame.com/ same 1920x1200 Wallpapers? I want to replace my Machinarium wallpaper. Thanks!! JP
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