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  1. As I recall, the working budget for the game after deducting kickstarter & Amazon fees, and all the backer rewards, was around 2.8M. And based off the documentary, I think they added at least another 2M, by selling Psychonauts & Brutal Legend (and maybe others) on steam. Also remember that one of the major reasons for releasing the game in 2 parts was to use the sales of Act I to fund the completion of Act II, so there was probably 6 or 7 figures there. Then there is the possibility that some private investors may have ponied up some cash, which is the sort of thing that usually goes unreported, and even if it were, the figures are usually (intentionally) vague, at best. But going off of what we know, we can make a rough estimate. A game that took 3(ish) years of development, with maybe 30 dev staff (not including voice talent) would probably be a tight 10M to make, not including marketing. Though the documentary would imply that DF squeezed their budget very hard indeed, so you could potentially shave a few million off that. So: I would say minimum 6M, potentially 9M or 10M, with a sensible budget being 15M - 20M
  2. i think it would be fine to put the story out in a truncated form. Not sure if anyone wants to do that much editing, but a version of the doco that focuses primarily on the funding issues and is about 30-40 mins long. So the backers can still retain some exclusivity by seeing the whole sausage. To synopsise, sausage portion for non-backers
  3. Nice to be reacquainted; it feels so long since last time! Funny to think that it's been (roughly) a year since Act I dropped, but happy to know that Act II is (finally) nearing completion
  4. I'm Tom, and I'm an all-round 3D generalist, and VFX compositor. For this, I would contribute 3D models and possibly animation (although my schedule is kinda full). My qualifications are best summed up in the following videos: VFX Showreel 2014 and plenty more on my website's portfolio page I'm usually more of a film & TV guy, but I've been interested in game design for years. (Already contributing on the github page, under the user name lowmankind) edit: I also did this little animation a few years ago: pBSVQaxeiq8
  5. Still no response, sadly. EDIT: No sooner do I type the above, than I receive an email from Humble Bundle (and Paypal) explaining that they have refunded the first transaction. So that's nice, although I wish that could have happened 24 hours sooner! Now I feel bad, because DF didn't get any actual money from me, which I'm sure is kind of the point of all of this. Well, I suppose I know how to rectify that! (Hint: it won't be purchasing a 4th copy of Psychonauts)
  6. I resolved this myself by simply purchasing the bundle again. Another DF fan very kindly offered to do this on my behalf, causing me to slap my forehead and say "why didn't I think of that?!" So I've voted, which I'm happy about, and Child's Play get the entirety of my second purchase. I might have given more to DF, but for the lack of communication (same goes for Humble Bundle as well). So all ends well.
  7. I know that there's another thread on this topic, but my issue is slightly different: I (foolishly) chose paypal as my payment option -- I don't know why, I never do, but this time I went with it. Trouble is, my PP account is set to "eCheque" as default payment, which is problematic because it's a transfer type that takes time. As such, PP states that the payment is "pending" until 11th Feb. Humble Bundle are aware that I've paid for AF, and I received an email from them that says this: Naturally, I replied to the email to get some help, but it's been over 72 hours and I've received no response other than an automated one. (Also, paypal cannot -- or will not -- cancel the payment on their end. They say that the seller -- in this case, Humble Bundle -- can do it, but since I'm still waiting to hear from HB, that's not all that helpful.) Ordinarily, this wouldn't bother me, but I'm concerned that the payment will clear after the voting. Apparently the first tier of voting ends on the 10th, and after that a second round of voting for the top 10 starts up. I don't wanna miss out on voting -- that's half the fun! Can anyone at DF help me get my votes in?
  8. I'm having the annoying issue that I selected to pay via paypal (I don't know why -- I hardly ever do), and my paypal account is set up to send an "eCheque" by default, which takes up to 7 business days. Which means, it might not clear until after the voting ends. Not happy about that! I've contacted Humble Bundle about it (paypal will not cancel the payment -- you have to request it from the seller). It's been 36 hours and no reply beyond an automated one. So, I still haven't voted, because I can't. As such, the Humble Bundle site does not recognise my payment yet, because paypal are being annoying.
  9. Heh, Powerpoint was once an essential tool for a pitch, but these days it looks kind of dated and lame. I might go so far as to say it doesn't convey enough confidence in your ideas (unless you're an absolute PP ninja!). I've worked for companies that put massive effort into crafting a pitch that boils down to a powerpoint and a 100-page booklet, which I think does not exactly sell things in this era. Putting together a good pitch is a craft unto itself, and it's not easy to nail down exactly what that entails, but when you see a good one, you get all "shut up and take my money!" So distilling the entirety of your idea into a coherent 30 seconds is an achievement, but also a necessary exercise in presenting ideas. Because if you can't say it in 30 seconds, what would you say in a minute? Or 10? Or 90? This, I think, is the great shame of Pendleton Ward's pitches. I don't mean to diminish them, but they seem quite unfocused and somewhat stream-of-consciousness, not to mention rambling. Had he streamlined those thoughts, and not used 7 minutes to convey what is intended to be a simple collection of thoughts, then perhaps his ideas would find a more interested audience. I had suspected as much. My experience is generally that certain creative endeavours are difficult -- if not completely impossible -- without the help of others (sometimes, many, many others).
  10. I wasn't jazzed by PW's pitches, although one of them was more interesting to me than the others. I would much rather have more DF games as well, but the deal is what it is.
  11. Anyone who participated in the 2012 AF may have seen a thread I made called On The Efficacy Of Pitches (link). Did you read that? No? I don't blame you, it was really quite long. In a nutshell, I made the case that some pitches had some really interesting ideas that were, sadly, let down by the pitch video put forward. It is possible that the best ideas were not made due to their pitch failing to express the awesome contained therein, although that just demonstrates the importance -- and efficacy -- of a well-crafted pitch. This time around, however, is a very different beast. All the videos for 2014 I thought were interesting, they demonstrated the idea or the gameplay rather well, most had some form of conceptual visual to accompany it ... In short, I liked just about everything I saw. I still haven't voted yet, because it's just so darn hard to choose! It is exacerbated by the fact that some of these ideas are so crazy that I feel I need to play as many of these as possible. So I don't know if my post from 2012 had any kind of part to play, but I am very pleased to see that DF have stepped up their game considerably, and the concerns I flagged are no longer present. As a result, the competition is so very tight (in terms of quality). I'm excited for very nearly all of the concepts being thrown out, and I believe that DF is about to develop some great stuff. Now, if only Pendleton Ward could learn those same lessons....
  12. The riddle of Yorn is what stumped me, mostly because I totally missed the fact that you could collect fruit from the tree in Cloud Colony. As for Gus, I fell through the clouds and solved the puzzle before even seeing him or talking to him. So his name was Gus, eh? How about that!
  13. When exiting Curtis's house (ie Vella is in the distance) and you click on the mailbox, she walks to the box, then takes a strange path and kind of clips / teleports to the position by the mailbox, opens it, says her dialog, and then it's fine. Then if you click for her to move onto the foreground, she clips / teleports into the background and walks the normal path to the foreground. Does not break the game in any way (possibly immersion, depending on who you are), but is very noticeable all the same.
  14. I know of this scene mostly due to materials in the documentary, trailers, etc. The guy hanging from the tree, I found his general location at the lower part of the tree, because I could hear him calling out for help. But I didn't move across to find him, I instead went up the top and walked away, fell through the hole in the cloud and he was rescued. Who was that guy? Was his dialog entertaining? I'll be sure to find out on my next play-through. I would suggest that falling through that cloud does not solve the puzzle until you've talked to him.
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