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  1. Make it public. I don't like the idea of a read only archive.
  2. I don’t write really much here, because english is not my first language (sorry for maybe not the best english in the next parts but i tried my best) but now the journey comes to an end i want to write a little bit. I love a lot of the games from double fine (Psychonauts!!!!, Costume Quest), and other not (Brütal Legends, sorry but i really don’t like the RTS-parts in it), but Tim is really funny and it looks like he is a really nice guy. It’s always a joy to read and hear something from him and his great team at Double Fine. My first Point and Click Adventure was the remake of Monkey Island 1 and 2. Followed by the three Deponia games and Edna & Harvey. I played this games, after i backet Broken Age. So Broken Age is the reason i started playing Adventures! I like that games, it’s not my favorite genre, but they are okay. In the future maybe i will playing Grim Fandango and the remake of Day of the tentacle. I backed Broken Age (with the boxed Version) and i never regret it. It was a amazing time the last 3 years. The documentation is amazing and maybe the highlight of the game. I will always looked back with a smile on this game. I haven’t played the second part of the game, but even there would be not a part 2, i would be satisfied. The documentation was fantastic and Broken Age is a great adventure game, maybe the best i played in my life. Okay, i didn’t played much Point and Click Adventures When Tim would starting a next Kickstarter game with a documentation as a reward, i definitely would give money to that project. Maybe not 110 Dollar anymore, because the euro-dollar exchange rate actually to bad for that. What i only want so say with that: Thank you Double Fine you did a really great work.
  3. I see no problem with the documentary being released in public. But don’t limit the quality of the public release.
  4. The rally good one: 1) The Twins 2) The Scientist 3) The Knight 4) The Hillbilly 5) The Time Traveler Not so good: 6) The Adventurer Bad: 7) The Monk Not character-specific: 1) The island (very good!) 2) The zoo (also very good) 3) Gold mine (good)
  5. The glass is not really big, Tim are really small. Maybe.
  6. In a Donut factory. Everyone like Donuts. Hamburg with Donuts or in the nose of someone who has a donut in the nose is okay too.
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