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  1. The thread and especially some of the last posts makes me sad too. I only tried to explain why I was disappointed and asked about other opinions. I think I was polite and argued without getting personel ( I tried ). But now I am a special snow flake and self entitled. But hey, in the end this thread had a positive effect for those that felt the same like me. We are getting information more frequently over Kickstarter. For all of you participated in this thread thank you very much that you helped to achieve that. I really appreciate all of the opinions (except the ones which had a personal taste).
  2. Hi, you are a little late to the party! I recommend to read the latest official statement from DF in the Kickstarter comments. Even in their view they admit they mismanaged it.
  3. We're coming up on the next episode of the documentary so we figured we'd just do it all in one big update. Going forward we'll be more careful about how we manage updates for information like this. Chris, this is nice to hear!!!! Maybe you can leave a message in the Kickstarter comments too because there is a similar discussion going on.
  4. There might be a little hole in your logic there because why they use Kickstarter to release the video updates then? Because it is THE WAY to get the attention of ALL Backers! Whoohooo. Roger. Out 2PP makes the video updates. DF uses the forums. Whoohoo. Leroy. Out. Ok, to be more precise: As I understand it, 2PP delivers the video content, but the Updates have much more Information in addition to it. So I think it is not only 2PP, its DF and 2PP together. So no, I don't agree with you on this. But thats not important for me. The things I stated in my Reply to Chris are the ones that are important to me. And yes I know, they (DF) have said to register in the forums and so on, but if you look at the numbers, only 2 - 3 threads reach the number of backers that are shown at Kickstarter. So in my opinion you need to use Kickstarter to be sure that you have reached all backers. Thats all what I wanted to say. And in my personel opinion they should have used this method to give some information about that "name decision and website" thing. Besides this little thing I was totally ok with how they handled us backers so far.
  5. As a long time Mac User I recommend to update anyway. Lion or Mountain Lion are so much smoother to operate with. But which version you can use should be determined from the performance your Mac has to offer. Snow Leopard and Lion was fine with my MacBook Pro Mid 2010. Of course I am now using Mountain Lion because I have now a MacBook Pro Retina Early 2013.
  6. There might be a little hole in your logic there because why they use Kickstarter to release the video updates then? Because it is THE WAY to get the attention of ALL Backers! Whoohooo. Roger. Out
  7. Chris, as the original author of this thread I really wished you did some heads up via Kickstarter that there will be an announcement at PAX and via gaming press. I was not complaining that there was the name decision (because I attended the poll by myself) or a new web site. I was complaining about a lack of promised PRO-ACTIVE communication of a MAJOR MILESTONE to ALL backers or in this case only a hint or heads up. I wanted to be informed by you and not coincidentally by browsing a blog. IMHO the best way to do such a thing is via kickstarter especially if you look into the numbers of your forum where you can see not all your backers looking regularly into it. I can totally understand the need for hype and buzz, in the end you are a business that tries to reach your business goals but I hope you take this as the constructive criticsm as it meant to be
  8. They can do a marketing push and inform us backers. There is nothing that prevents them to do so.I do even think that informing the backers at the same time will extend the buzz.
  9. They can market the shit out of the game in my opinion, I don't care. They should market the game. But they have promised to inform us backers on important decisions and milestones. This is one IMHO. So I think we can expect that we are informed at the same time. That was one of the reason why I backed the game.
  10. I live in Germany, so I am not able to visit PAX East. If they provided a simple little update like this ... "Hey backers, we have reached another important milestone: We are going public with the official name and website on blabla March. So celebrate with us." ... I would not complain! All I want to say with all that: Last time I see some room for improvement regarding communication to backers.
  11. Well Tim did say he chose this name like a week ago on the forums, but I'm sure not everyone keeps up with this. I like the art. I wish that was the poster they made instead of the silly 2HB one. I think backers deserve that they are informed first and foremost with an official update over Kickstarter about such decisions and the launch of a homepage. This was the promise, as I remember correct. And yes, maybe there were some info/poll in the forums, but not all of us have the time to check the forum regularly.
  12. Forgot to provide the link to the blog post on Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/5992166/tim-schafers-double-fine-adventure-game-revealed-meet-broken-age
  13. Hi there, I am disappointed to see that there is an official site with the real name of the project in an games blog before we backers were informed by an Kickstarter update. What's your opinion to that? By the way, if you did not know, the address of the new site is: http://www.brokenagegame.com/
  14. With a tablet you can play everywhere, it is lighter in weight, it is natural to use my fingers to point and click. But desktop/laptop is the 2nd best.
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