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  1. Except the last two Double Fine games were initially Amnesia Fortnight prototypes and it's possible any of these prototypes we've been playing will become a full game so reporting bugs now might actually help the developers if and when they decide to pick them up for a full release. No need to sit on your high horse here, we all know they're just prototypes. Like Chris said, there's no precedent for what we're witnessing here with a public Amnesia Fortnight release, so there's no precedent saying bug reporting is a bad idea. Also, I think I'd rather have feedback on my prototype than have complete silence. At least it means people are playing!
  2. Yeah I just played a long game and faced a lot of bugs. The most annoying among them is the fact that characters can just tard out and do nothing. After a while, every character gets tarded and the ship just comes to a halt with nothing being built. This last playthrough I had pretty much had everybody tard out except for a murderer who would go around killing random people. Kinda funny but I wanted to build a base dammit! Another annoying bug is the fact that, as far as I can tell, science, gardens, life support, and engineering basically do nothing. Pubs make people happy, medical makes people healthy, residence makes people sane, and nothing else really keeps the ship running. The final annoying bug is how odd the tools can get sometimes. I can't properly vaporize newly-found bases and walls, doors, and areas can get really finicky about whether or not they'll actually build due to the strange rule set put into place. Having to vaporize a wall in order to continue building is a big one here. Oh yeah, and corners of rooms never get built! I hope you guys get a chance to flesh this game out more, it feels like it's actually on the edge of being a completed mobile game. Polish some bugs, give the zones some usefulness, give a status on the health of the ship as a whole, add a couple more events, a couple more jobs (policemen and janitors!), and make the endgame something like "discover the entirety of space" and you're done!
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