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  1. For some reason I had actually hoped that the art for the box would be something new - not "just" that old Vela and Shay picture. I guess it's because I'm so old that I do remember the old boxes. They often had some kind of artwork that didn't necessarily come directly from the game, but in a way captured the essence of the feeling of the game. And because I am an old-timer, I vote for a vertical box - you can't make a box like the old days, and then turn it on its side to fit a piece of existing artwork (lazy design??)
  2. What made the documentary so special for me as a backer, was the fact that you let me in on the ride. Every episode made me feel I was part of something special, right there while it was happening. That is something I am eternaly grateful for, but it also mean that the documentary will start to lose some of the magic that it had while everything was fresh and happening. It is still a fantastic look into game production, but that special sauce will soon be gone. So what I am trying to say is that you should of course release each episode to the public. It was the special sauce that was important, that is what I felt you offered us when you were doing the kickstarter - a ticket to ride with you, while the game was being made. And that is what you did. But please make a BIG thing out of this public release. Everyone who DIDN'T back the game are busy telling everybody how you cheated people, while us backers, the ones you apparently cheated, are so happy about the job you are doing, that we are all willing to let go of one of our rewards to set things straight. That fact should really be shouted from the roof tops. Once again, thank you for this wonderful experience you are sharring with us.
  3. Looks good - congrats you guys. Watching episode 9 had me thinking: We see the boy on the horse talking to it, with the horse answering with horse noises. If we are the horse, wouldn't it be fun if what the boy was saying was all gibberish to us, but perhaps we could understand single words within that gibberish from experience. Then the horse could have an understandable voice, like us hearing it's thoughts. That way we would have a narrator in the game, which could help us understand what is going on. Like: "Oh well.. Here we go again. I guess it's time for me to once again save his sorry ass".. Just my 2p. Good job you guys. Seriously enjoyd following your work
  4. Outside Curtis' hut I noticed a graphical "residue" on the third fence pole on the right. It is not visible when the pole have the sky as a background, but becomes visible when it scrolls infront of the hut or the well. See attached picture. Sorry if this have already been reported. Thank you for a great game - feel like a kid again Jesper
  5. My God Elijah Wood is a good cast. Wonderful voice. Seriously good job, guys
  6. The period-key, in my mind, is skipping forward line by line of dialog. That seems like a fine enough skip button to me. The space key is the natural pause in my opinion.
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