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  1. It'll also be obvious since Brandon is decoding them and it'll be identical to someone else's tweet, I figure if you manage to get the application running and successfully generate your own tweet you should go for it - not your fault others went and documented the process Well, I can't really argue with that logic. I'll have to do it when I get home from work.
  2. At this point, I feel like I would be cheating to grab a code and tweet it. I will say it was AWESOME watching everyone decrypt the message!
  3. Love the charcoal gray (and the demo vid). Please make the text readable though.
  4. Thanks for that insight into your writing process! This kind of thing is a huge part of why I was so excited about being a backer!
  5. I suppose if I couldn't have had the boxed edition because I couldn't have afforded it at the time of the kickstarter, (I did get one) I would have hoped for it to be available later. However, I was really excited to have such a limited edition super ultra rare boxed copy of the game that would never be available ever again. That adds so much to the coolness factor and is on of the reasons I DID go for the $100 level. I can say I was one of the few that was there at the right time and right place to get such and amazingly rare item.
  6. I'm really thrilled to see this video. I feel privileged to be a part of this. Not only am I seeing this game come to fruition, but we all helped one of my favorite game development companies (Double Fine) avoid the utter desolation the unfortunate other game developers are dealing with. Also, it's good to know that Tim is getting some relief from the stresses of owning a company too.
  7. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if some form of pancake discussion in some form becomes an easter egg in the game because of this.
  8. Well, I can understand the two activity points. My involvement was no different. I started at $30 then ended on $100. I am REALLY happy I didn't chicken out and go $30. The rewards are too good!
  9. Wait wait... THIS IS A SUPER SEKRIT POST!!! Glad to be a part of this!!!!!
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