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  1. I am super excited for this game, and really hope it wins! Andy- was the piece of art in your pitch video a good example of your vision for WB's art direction as a whole? (it might be too early to answer this) Are there any specific pieces of inspiration that you're using for WB's visual identity?
  2. Voted for: - Milgrim (I love the concept, and think the art direction could be very cool and retro) -CritterVerse (Sounds like it could be very addictive, and who wouldn't want to cruise around the galaxy rescuing critters?) -Space Base (This is my dream game, made real) -The White Birch (The concept is great and i'm really excited to see what the DF artists could do with this) I was super pumped about CritterVerse, but I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it probably won't win. I'm also kind of surprised that more people aren't voting for Milgrim.
  3. Regardless of the subject matter involved, that pony animation is solid. (maybe the strangest sentence i've ever typed?)
  4. Gamesradar also has a pretty comprehensive preview http://www.gamesradar.com/cave-preview-first-look-double-fines-other-adventure-game/
  5. man, i am loving the look of those dragons and environments. the game really seems to capture the mood of the concept art that he was posting. very very cool.
  6. I've done a lot of freelance illustration/design for mobile game in the past, but nothing with a huge budget (i mostly just do it for the experience). I'm currently working on building my portfolio to possibly pursue a more serious illustration role in the gaming world, but i'm also really happy at my current design job...so who knows?
  7. hahaha, these are so great. keep the awesome art coming, guys!
  8. Good point, I wouldn't want the original backers to feel cheated. I would just like to have a physical copy of the game at some point and if they're already planning to release one then i'll be perfectly happy.
  9. looks really great! The animation is incredibly fluid, and the backgrounds are wonderfully illustrated. I do, however, agree that the characters models seem a little odd. Not that they look unfinished, they just don't seem to "mesh" with the backgrounds very well. The characters are a bit reminiscent of Costume Quest, while the backgrounds look more realistically rendered. Thanks for the post, though! It's a very cool game.
  10. It's been awhile since I read them, but I think the Golden Compass books had a similar situation.
  11. yeah, I'm in the same boat. Didn't have quite enough money for the $100 level at the time (getting married will do that to you), but i'd love another opportunity to get the boxed copy.
  12. Agreed. This puzzle was super frustrating simply because it made no sense. A great example of the sort of puzzle that can rip you out of the game world, and totally kill the flow of the game.
  13. Let me restate my position because it seems to be missing some folks. I think it's -wonderful- that DF is opening up the gates for more backers. While DF is opening enrollment again, I would like to bump my level up, and if merch has not yet been ordered, why not? The folks just coming in are essentially $0.00 level contributors "bumping up" to $15. Why not let the $15 folks bump up to $30 or from $30 to $100? It just means more funds for DF, and that's why we are all here to begin with. -edit- what I am saying is I want to pay the difference of $85 for a the $100 boxed copy leve. I don't expect free stuff or some sort of reparation. man, i'm glad you clarified because that makes wayyyyyyy more sense. I'm not sure what the logistics of doing something like that would be (could be that it's just wayyy too much trouble for DF), but I think it's a pretty good idea.
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