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  1. Finally got around to watch the episdes 12 and 13 and I have to say I can't wait for the 14th! So far the game surpassed everything I imagined it to be when I backed it...and it isn't even out yet! The last 22 months where a great trip and I don't want it to end. Well... at some point maybe...but not right now!
  2. I like Girl E for its mysterious pose. It makes me think if there is more to her then just being SG or if there is more to her BECAUSE she is to be sacrificed. The strong pose of Girl L stands out for me. Hints at a strong character which is very worth to be explored by the player.
  3. Great episode! Regarding the puzzles in P&C-Games. I always played those games with solutions. I am very into logical puzzles (Portal style) and was never able to grasp the way of thinking the game designers intended to solve the puzzles. Grim Fandango is still one of my favorite games because I just loved the story and the characters and I can remember so much of it to this day. I would vote in favor of puzzles in the game but please keep in mind that what is left of the game without puzzles is the real hot sauce like in Grim Fandango.
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