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  1. If horizontal wins, I assume it'll be the same physical size as the vertical box, so it'll sit in nicely with our other vertical boxes?
  2. Yep having to get the release date from IGN is a bit... insulting, for lack of a better word.
  3. No, his post is quite reasonable and there is no hint of aggression... sure, he could have used more words but the point was got. I haven't played Grim Fandango properly myself (going to use this new release as an opportunity to fix that) but I assume the original only had 4 save slots too? That does seem rather low..
  4. He just gets terribly offended when people say negative things about the game. I wouldn't worry about it. I can only assume (and hope) the backer box is going to be totally different than the retail version - no way would anyone sell a "big box" game anymore. I'd be pretty annoyed if they were the same, even if the documentary was not included
  5. I found it a peace of cake, on medium with hi fi sim enabled :\ Just avoid the bumpy parts of the road. I wasn't even driving particularly carefully and I don't remember using the nitros at all. I hope they don't modify it as it's just the right difficulty.
  6. I've only played it once and I remember not being impressed with it at all, for I think the same sort of reasons. I've played day of the tentacle and the first two monkey islands countless times but sam and max has never drawn me back for another playthrough.
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