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  1. Taken from the link @chickenmonger posted: Too bad the photos in that post are gone...
  2. This happened at the Petrified Forest. I honestly don't know how i triggered this and what the hell it is! Hahaha! Anyone seen this too?
  3. Guys, we can make this year THE year of adventure games! Jane`s games are classics! Nobody can deny this... and just for that, i think we all should support her kickstarter to get us a new adventure game! And if you didn`t play any of her games, help anyway! I`m going to help the Tex Murphy series return even without having played any of the past games... (i know they are among the best of the genre, so they deserve my support)!
  4. Great news! This year will be the one to remember as the comeback of classic adventure games' developers!
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