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  1. I feel like that's less an age problem than the fact that lots of games nowadays are artificially bloated to make you feel like you're getting enough playtime for the price you're paying. I hate that with a passion. I'm willing to pay the same price as any other games for 5 hours of a genuine, well-told story or a unique and fun gameplay. I don't always want 40+ hours of gameplay, especially if it's full of boring side quests like collecting random useless bits for the sake of it. Sadly, I feel like lots of gamers complain about games being too short, which is why developpers end up bloating the games, or shying away from short and sweet games.
  2. That's a good way to look at it! I definitely spoke out of complete love for Double Fine; so many of the games currently being pitched are incredibly appealing to me and UUGGH can't we make them all into full games?! I'll try not to get too attached this year
  3. Hey! I was a fan of Steed and Dear Leader, and I'm still so sad that they never went into full production. In fact, if I recall correctly, none of the prototyped games from 2014 became real games. Should I expect the same thing for 2017? I don't want to get super excited about a game and have my heart broken again
  4. Awesome video guys! I can't believe how good this turned out, you are truly masters of editing! Sadly, no. It's just me ; )
  5. Alright, here I go! Please disregard my slightly weird accent. I'm a French Canadian who has been living in the States for 5 years, so now it's oddly diluted and unrecognizable. Hopefully it won't be a problem for the E3 video!
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