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  1. Shay Neck Glitch

    i second the neck before face bug
  2. Game crash

    Game crashed like 5 times at this place when trying to strap the corsett to the bird (maidens feast). (win 7, intel hd3000) After a couple of tries and restarts the game continued...
  3. Thanks for the first part. So far i really like it, especially the music and the twisted world it plays in
  4. Loved the episode, good luck polishing
  5. Episode 11: Ship It

    awesome episode, i appreciate the honesty of the team!
  6. haha, "part one of sth really great"... i loved this episode
  7. Flopulus Official Thread

    i really liked the demo, played it for a while. i'd imagine it to work perfectly as a xbox arcade game :-)
  8. hey guys from 2playerproductions, i have to say that i enjoyed the video series so far, but i'd rather have a focus on the actual episodes (waiting for episode 3) instead of the sidequests... thanks