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  1. Loved this game. A bit short, but felt like a classic adventure game. I'll be there.
  2. Damn, now we're at the big 100! Look at that!
  3. I bought it! Finally got Machinarium through this. Never heard of the others but hopefully they're good.
  4. What's so iffy about 6? It was the only one I ever played as a kid and I thought it was pretty cool.
  5. Whaat, no Paul Thomas Anderson? Where's the PTA love?
  6. Whoa, that's it! Thanks! Now to see if it'll work on Windows 7. EDIT: Going through those screenshots, it looks completely awful, haha. But there's the lab, the parking lot, the rope bridge, and the jail cell with the "monster" I remember as a kid just being a weird looking guy.
  7. I've followed this thread pretty closely and unfortunately this mystery game I remember from my childhood hasn't been mentioned yet. I posted in the Your Fav Adventures? thread and no one guessed it there, so I'm gonna copy my post here. Hopefully a forum of adventure game fans can help me figure out what game this was. I swear I’ve gone through wikipedia’s and MobyGames' list of adventure games and I don't recognize any names. I don’t remember who made it or what the goal was. I don't think it was a licensed game. I think it was kind of an Indiana Jones-explorer-type protagonist. The graphics were definitely pixelated, and I want to say they were better than the 80s, so could be early-to-mid 90s, or late-80s. The only screens I remember: the guy’s apartment/house (only one screen, maybe a living room or a bedroom), the parking lot outside of a science building, the science building itself where there might have been a hallway you could walk down, but if not then it was only a lab. I COULD pick up a beaker in the lab. I don't remember if the beaker is related, but after that I remember going back to the apartment/house to find out it was trashed. There was something sparkling on the floor (might have been a ring) you could pick up. Some point further: I remember something to do with a plane flying over the Amazon (or a similar rainforest) and for some reason (maybe failure) the game over screen at this point was a jail cell popped up in the middle of the screen with some humanoid-monster inside (Maybe some creepy jungle monster...thing?). Maybe the protag fell out of the plane, or parachuted down? I think you got a game over if you waited too long to do something. The only other screen I remember was further along and was a shootout, where you hid behind a rock close to the screen while another guy shot at you from behind another rock far away. I want to say there was a rope bridge too, but I don’t know if you could go on it or not since I never got past the shootout. It is not Flight of the Amazon Queen. Checking screenshots and youtube videos, I know this is definitely not it. It was in English. I am American, so it wasn't from any other country. I don't remember if it had voice acting, but I don't think it did. I was born in 1989, and we had it on an old DOS machine. I would've been playing it around '94-'98, no later than that as that's when Pokemon Red and Playstation took over my gaming habits. It was most likely earlier than '95, because I think the machine was relatively old by the time I started using it. This was a machine that had Jill of the Jungle on it as well, if that helps date it. The thing is, I don't even remember if this was a GOOD game. I just want to figure out what it is regardless of quality. Anyone have any idea what this game is?
  8. That's an edited screenshot from The Secret of Monkey Island. So no, your obscure internet musician is not lead programmer on an adventure game when he has zero experience in the field.
  9. This is pretty cool, although there seems to be quite a bit of lag.
  10. I've donated to Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun now. I love turn-based games, which are arguably just as dead as adventure games. If a decent developer wants to revive their turn-based or isometric game, I'll definitely support it. I hope most of these projects succeed. They're not copycats, it's just the industry has kind of been turned on its head after DFA and there's a lot of developers who are now aware that they can make the games they've always wanted to make.
  11. 200 people on the forums right now, so I'm readvertising the Minecraft server! dfaminecraft.no-ip.org:25565 Would be nice if you were also in the Steam group (found in my signature) so I know who you are, but it's not required.
  12. Just watched it and loved it. Can't wait for the development videos now!
  13. I am 2 hours from San Fran, so I am up for this.
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