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  1. Another $100 backer here. Release the hounds! Get it out there. Let people know that making games is hard and that despite the rumors, you have in fact been working hard on it and things aren't cheap.
  2. Just came to report this same bug. Go team! Windows 8.1, Dual GT 750Ms
  3. Super minor nitpick, but the arms of the blow-up-doll have a white halo. They probably need a "remove white matte" in Photoshop.
  4. I'm actually at the $100 level, so I don't know about that.
  5. The MP3 soundtrack on Steam just gets dumped into the root "Broken Age" folder inside of steamapps\common. It would be much tidier if it was in a "Soundtrack" folder or something along those lines. Thanks!
  6. I actually haven't received my email yet, I just got lucky checking my Humble Bundle page.
  7. Not sure how to deal with that unfortunately until they send out the direct link to your humble page.
  8. As long as you used the same email account for your DFA backing as your Humble Bundle Account, you should be able to go here: https://www.humblebundle.com/home And then click on the plus at the top of the page in the big gray box that says "Claim Past Purchases"
  9. Just wanted to comment on the awesome level of polish and design that the main menu and the ESC menu have received. They're both beautiful and functional. Hats off to whomever spent their time on them.
  10. Head to your Humble Bundle page and redeem your key! Gogogo!
  11. Play Monkey Island using ScummVM with the voices from your special edition. It's the best of both worlds. Google search for "Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition" and you should find instructions. The same guy did the same thing for Monkey Island 2 and they're both equally awesome.
  12. Like, lying on one side with your legs doing a running thing that makes you spin in a circle like one of the Three Stooges? Excellent. Wooop woop wooop woop... Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
  13. Not sure if it's a limitation of the embedded viewer, but it's only coming down at 720p and not 1080p. Any chance you could look into that? I'd love to see more detail! Thanks for the awesome work!
  14. I realize this is extremely premature, but it would be great if the concept art book PDF could be offered as something high-resolution enough for printing - say 300dpi @ whatever the final printed book dimensions are. It would be a travesty to have all this amazing art be low resolution and overly compressed. Perhaps a passworded torrent or something could be used if bandwidth is an issue...
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