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  1. I saw some people throwing some questions around on that yes, but mostly it felt like a discussion on the LA closing. I saw the petition too. I guess I just personally felt it was an important enough discussion to have its own topic. Is it too late to append a poll to see if there's interest? Maybe that'll put some things into perspective.
  2. There are three other threads talking about LucasArts shutting down or three other threads talking about extracting individual IPs and putting them in independent hands? Also, I sincerely doubt Disney is going to make plans to make any more Grim Fandango games, or Monkey Island games, or Full Throttle games, etc. They value their IP that they feel is valuable. They may, may (and this is a very iffy may), license them out to third party developers, but this is assuming they feel they can squeeze money out of them. And from my experience with Disney recently, unless it's making hand over fist Pirates of the Caribbean gobs of cash, it probably won't want to put out even the modest money it would require to publish. A single sum of tangible money immediately might be enough to convince execs that some of the IP that was mostly defunct even when LucasArts was still running could be excised from their new "licensing firm." Of course, this here is just a "let's have some thoughts" thread about the future of our nostalgic franchises. At the very least, we should put some thought into seeing if we can exact a bit of direction into how Disney handles their old adventure games IP. Just thoughts, just opinions. Just some talking. This isn't a call to action. Throw some ideas out there, nothing ever gets done if we say we can't do it without even considering anything.
  3. Hello forum. I haven't been around much even though I'm a backer for Broken Age (shame on me!), but the recent death of LucasArts has got me thinking. Disney has done some great things and some not-so-great things with the industries they manage, and now they've made it clear that they have no interest in LucasArts video games. It makes me wonder hat they plan to do with all that IP. Maybe they'll just throw it out to the highest bidder or license them out to third party developers if they feel games could be made. Coming to the point of this thread, I'd feel better if we could gently extract some of our precious elements from Disney's hands. I was personally raised on Monkey Island and Star Wars games, before I was even into Star Wars as a whole. I have some thoughts, and I wanted to run them by Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert and the rest of "the gang." I figured this might be the best way to do it. Who would be in support of organizing some information gathering into how much Disney values some of their adventure game IP, and possibly, conceivably starting another kickstarter to raise funds to possibly BUY franchises from the now defunct LucasArts? Franchises like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Loom, Day of the Tentacle, etc. I personally would feel a whole lot better if we could get some of these franchises into the living hands of Double Fine or a related entity. Finally all those ideas of remakes or retellings could be seen for us nostalgic few. Maybe even we'd see some old games revamped and put on Steam. If anyone has some thoughts, please post them here. I'd be especially glad to hear from the higher ups on this idea, and its feasibility.
  4. I like this idea a lot. Right now everything is just a mess of threads and hard to mentally organize who is discussing what, and where. I'd be good to go into the Audio forum and discuss the soundtrack or something. Right now, sifting through all these forums is difficult.
  5. My computer has Windows 7, which may or may not be upgraded to Windows 8 in the future. Depends on how impressed/rich I am at the time of release. I have a macbook that I use with OS X, and I have a dusty Ubuntu partition in my PC that never sees light. I will be gaming on Windows 95% of the time.
  6. Curse of Monkey Island was my favorite game in the series. I was 9 when I got it, and the music, atmosphere, voice acting, and art were all beautiful. I understand the people who played Ron Gilbert's first two games first are probably in it for the nostalgia and feel like I am, so it's probably really just where you entered into the series. I also thought Tales of Monkey Island was a damn fine game too, and it explored some territories Monkey Island never did before. The only blasphemy was that you never actually went to Monkey Island.
  7. So we have a big backer forum section now, and a loooot of backers. It's going to be hard to keep track of everyone so why don't we all introduce ourselves so we can get this community feeling like a real community? Let's just tell a bit about ourselves and maybe post a picture? I know there's already a thread like this in the off topic forum elsewhere, but I'm interested in learning more about us backers, and keeping everything organized in our heads a bit better. My name is Steven, and I am a 23 year old man from Minnesota. My favorite adventure game series is Monkey Island. I will be graduating from college with a bachelor in Economics this semester. I like cats and Welsh Corgis, play video games and watch anime, read dozens of Star Wars novels, and generally enjoy being a nerd. This is me:
  8. When I play the game, then finish it. That's an achievement. I don't need to be told of this.
  9. So I posted a soundtrack/music thread the other night in the more public forum before these ones became accessible. Should I ask for it to me moved here or repost it?
  10. I don't think beautiful, colorful fantasy rainforests have los their value yet.
  11. Sierra is owned by Vivendi, whose evil is only surpassed by EA. Even Star Wars-milking LA is better than that.
  12. I think too many people here are trying to channel Tim Burton for the sake of wacky zany dark and esoteric. Let's just pick something beautiful but straightforward.
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