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  1. I don't know =) Game crash every 4 minutes after population reach 170 citizen.
  2. And it's done. Now i'll be testing max capability of this station.
  3. still very very impressive managing all that crew.- im curious on what kind of a machine you have, or what kind of lag you have, and how do you deal with techs sneaking out to die I7, 8 gb ram - lags only when i pause game for long time, and play game after it. 85% crew - ecstatic (all techs). condition of machines - +80% Helps that everything place in 2 spots and near pub. + hasn't lose any crew member But i have so much trouble with oxygen levels. Even with 400+ capability of life supporters
  4. wooooooooooooooooooow. are you using inf matter bug? had to start... When i saw that just to place beds on half of station i need 15 000 matter, i thought "i'll pass here" =D
  5. Oh... Finally! I finished my station. it remains only to decorate
  6. I build Falcon too! Wait. it's more like eagle but any way... 100+ da club!
  7. After my small, working but ugly base i tried to build something pretty. It's unbelievably hard. My previous base with improvement ( based on my walkthroughs) can contain over 90 people easily. Because there were 1 life support room, 1 garden room, 1 bar and all of it housed near. But now even 35! botanics can't serve 34 plants... 30+ techs can't serve station and not killing it. If all citizen try to drink in bar at the same time - air ends in it =))) And i pretty sure i have every bug, glitch and worst AI-solutions that exist in game =DD no complaints, I'm just SO lucky
  8. Not big, but well-functioning base.
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