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  1. Unfortunately the answer is no. The game audio has been authored for stereo, so the bug is that it doesn't 'force' the surround setup into stereo mode. Ah ok, was holding out on playing since I thought it was a bug, will have to switch to stereo then, thank you.
  2. Thank you for the replies. So it is a bug then that the game isn't playing with 5.1 sound rather then it simply not supporting it?
  3. I am not getting any surround sound in game, there seems to be nothing in the options menu about sound except volume control. Sound plays out of the side speakers but not out of the center/main speaker. This game does support surround sound doesn't it? Also it feels like there's mouse acceleration, the mouse feels laggy and such when moving it around.
  4. I'm just wondering for the game what type of setting people prefer to see? In terms of the overall games setting. For example, would you like to see the game set in a more historical area like the Monkey island games (even though it was fictional obviously, but it was still set in a 18th century like pirate setting in the Caribbean) or a more surreal setting like Grim Fandango or something else? I'd love to see a more surreal setting myself, that's open to more wacky artistic creations and things they could do with it.
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