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  1. While reading your points I asked myself which games all of you are talking about. Nearly none of the points you are making apply to the newest Pendulo, Daedalic or Kingart games. So what are these "modern" adventure games you are referring to?
  2. The heavy Spot is not just inflated. He's filled up with water. He drank the water from the tub he was supposed to be bathed in.You accept that you have an shapeshifting companion but got problems with other consistent rules of the game world? It's a fantasy game, you should expect some unique laws defining the world otherwise it would be just some bland stereotype.
  3. Most current european adventure games like the ones from Animation Arts, Cranberry, Daedalic and Kingarts offer manual saving but also feature quicksave / quickload keys. And autosaving after every room / everytime you enter a menu. Also there's a continue button in the main menu to load the last auto- or quicksave. Except for some games you could consider this as a standard among modern adventure games.
  4. Actually I'm not that much surprised. For some part it's an payment method issue with Amazon Payments for international orders. Even though about 15-20% Germans own a credit card they are rarely used instead of the EC card (a debit card). Mostly for business trip expenses. Most owners I know rarely use their Visa oder Mastercards for overseas orders because paying with it in a german shop is a real hassle and much more expensive than the EC card.Another point I see was the unclear situation about the customs and the stated value of the package. I heard it more than once that someone opted out of the physical pledges because he wouldn't want to pay shipping costs and an extra of 19% VAT on the pledges value. They argued that the Kickstarter pledge was technically a pre-order purchase and therefore the value of the package would be the value of the pledge. I'm confident that there could be much more support for Kickstarter projects from all over the world with more payment options and some actual information about how shipping and customs would be handled.
  5. Here're some more games for the list. Not all of them are good. Some of them are just awful but I won't tell you which ;-) Animation Arts 2012 Columbus 4 Episode 1: Der Fluch von Oak Island (no release date announced, yet) Cranberry Productions 2008: Mata Hari Deck 13 2008: Luka und der verborgene Schatz (Serious Game Adventure) Daedalic Entertainment 2008: 1 1/2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreissenden Herzelinde 2010: Winterfest - Das Lernspiel (Serious Game Adventure) 2010: The Skillz (Serious Game Adventure) 2013: Deponia 3 (working title, not yet released) Grasland Production 2011: The Rockin' Dead Green Kangaroo 2007: Tell - Das Spiel zum Film House of Tales 2001: Das Geheimnis der Druiden Phenomedia AG 2003: Moorhuhn Adventure - Der Fluch des Goldes 2004: (T)Raumschiff Surprise: Periode 1 2006: Moorhuhn Adventure 2 - Der Schatz des Pharao Radon Labs 2008: Verliebt in Berlin (with House of Tales) 2008: Treasure Island 2010: Jekyll & Hyde RTL Enterprises 2007: Balko - Das Spiel zur RTL Erfolgsserie Silver Style Entertainment 2007: Everlight – Elfen an die Macht 2008: Goin' Downtown 2008: Die wilden Kerle 5 – Hinter dem Horizont 2011: The Fall - Mutant City TML Studios 2008: Sunrise - The Game - Coole Typen - Harte Sprüche Twice Effect 2012: The Second Guest You could also count What Makes You Tick: A Stich In Time at least as a 50% german game since the author Matt Kempke worked on it from Germany, where he lives. He's also working on an unanounced game at Daedalic right now. And Simon 5 is also from Silver Style. TCG is the publisher.
  6. I was disappointed when Tim announced that the characters will be influenced by Nathan Stapley's artstyle. I looked at the portfolio several times and I still can't warm up to his style. Don't like them at all. To me, they keep looking bland and expressionless. But hey, I gave DF an expensive carte blanche to make the game they want. That also gives me the right to chunter into my beard as long as I want to when I finally play the game. If you're really considering Cutout / Bone Puppet Animation as a viable option for character animations I would be glad if they would at least look as good as to what Vanillaware did in Odin Sphere. Basicly starting with such an After Effects puppet and ending up with painting over the unpleasant spots until it looks stunning. The result are nearly as fast to come by as flat vector animation but it looks much nicer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEMBRpd9c98 This would also allow you to keep a very textured, painted look to the characters if purely drawn animation is not an option (e.g. because those lazy animators in Korea want to have two days off on the weekend).
  7. "You need sleep? Dolphins sleep by letting one half of their brain sleep at a time. Are Dolphins smarter than you?" - Benevolent Tyrant
  8. Congratulations! I guess we can expect some new cartoons from you now? Like 'I wonder what happens on Greg's Birthday Party' or an episode of 'Ask a Monkeyologist' featuring Ron on a tin can phone?
  9. You forgot about AO rating in your poll. That's the way to go with all the promised Chinchilla snuff.
  10. Oh yes. Please tell us you're already implementing Hamasaki 22.2 surround sound for some obscure puzzle that will only be solvable if you hear a morse code from channel 17 (Top back left). :-)I guess they will generaly end up with FMOD or OpenAL because of the multiplattform support. But I would love it if DFA offered 5.1/7.1 on PC/Mac.
  11. In Black Mirror 3 a sound middleware from Periscope Studios was used to create seamless blends of music adjusted to the current atmosphere. The name is psai and you can see a demonstration on their website. It's like an advanced system of something like iMUSE, not only allowing to continue the music between rooms but to create several grades of intensity based on the players actions (or what ever happens in game). I.e. if the hero is beeing hunted the developer calls the trigger for setting all the music in every room you can visit to an eerie version. Sure you can do this the normal way with a script and change the music for ever sceney but with psai the intensity can also be controlled by the players actions. It might get louder and faster if the hero spends to much time walking around aimlessly and the hunter approaches. Also musical accents for special situation blend in perfectly into the flow of the music score. It doesn't need to be composed for a specific scene but can be triggered any time by the player. The middleware makes sure it's played at the right beat. Since Periscope Studio also offers a service as composers they developed a system for composing a score that allows for any amount of intensity levels. Also I think it's much more suited for action style games Serious Sam it worked great in Black Mirror 3.
  12. Using openGL doesn't necessarily mean you're working in a 3D space. A 2D projection matrix with a z-depth of 0 is easier to handle because the GPU only has to output the final texture but instead of using CPU time for creating this you could use the GPU, that has been highly optimized to compose myriads of objects in z-depths in real-time. And you'll also get the handling of object draw order for free with a fixed camera in 3D space.
  13. The parallaxing amount is defined by the size of the layer. For example if the background has a width of 1 and the foreground has a width of 2, then it'll be moved so that the edges of the layers line up when the camera is all the way left or right, if that makes sense...?! So you're grouping several graphical elements onto a layer which will have it's 'speed' defined by the size you specify for the layer? Or is the size of the layer defined by the measurements of the texture that is used? Resulting in one layer per parallax element spanning the whole screen?And you should definitely look into the 3D processing pipelines of OpenGL. Since Windows Vista modern 3D GPUs are surprisingly slow when it comes to processing pure High Resolution 2D textures since the removal of the 2D Hardware Acceleration API. A 3D game with fixed camera will have much better loading times.
  14. I'm sure they have been contacted by some publishers not just for general Marketing but for specific markets. I.e. for a German retail version with voiceover. If DF doesn't want to do it themself there should be enough interest for distribitors and publishes in some regions.
  15. If you want to see this type of interface in action in an Adventure game, go and play 'A New Beginning' from Daedalic Entertainment. You can get a link to the demo from the official website'>official website. The game uses a coin interface with up to four verbs and choices. Those are context sensitive texts offering suitable actions which can also change after your actions. When playing it, you'll notice that for the majority of hotpots, having more verbs only ends up in having a dozen variations of 'pick up' and 'use'. In essence, actions doing the same thing under a different name. You can see that they tried to add non necessary verbs to the coins (with special reactions) to richen the game experience. But if you play the game for a longer time you'll notice that at some point you just stop using those additional verbs to concentrate on enhancing the story. A few times there's also the problem that just a specific verbs works the right way, even if others would also make sense. So additionally, you're trying to figure out what kind of logic the designers want you to use to come up with the solution (or you'll end up using brute force). The basic flaw with having a lot of verbs with a coin interface gets worser with a better story. The more you're captured by the flow of a great story, the more having a lot of verbs will slow you down until it just feels tedious. The gameplay of MI3 or Full Throttle feels very slow to me after being used to faster paced games like Secret File: Tunguska, The Book of Unwritten Tales or Deponia.
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