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  1. +1 Whether you care or stopped caring at all about this project, I heartily recommend that you have a chat with ClapBedon.
  2. I think that releasing it to the public is a great idea. Whether it'll help improve people's perception of the project or not is a different matter altogether...
  3. What's your point? What was it that he said when his Kickstarter campaign was slowing down? If memory serves, it went along the lines of 'for f*ck’s sake, let's just say anything'. He basically admitted to lying outright merely to get people to pledge for his project. Were I to do such a thing, I would expect nothing less than to be called out for my BS... which is exactly what happened to Molyneux.
  4. Molyneux has admitted to promise anything in order to merely get funded. That lying whore deserves no sympathies.
  5. I anxiously await the next episode...! One thing that worries me from what we've seen so far of Act 2 is that we won't see many new locales and that the old ones will merely be rehashed.
  6. I'm not quite as wordy as others... so I'll just say that I loved Act I, but that it was way too easy.
  7. Woo, just finished downloading the game! See you all later. Time to play!
  8. That's great news.. but I'm conflicted the same time! Not quite sure if I want to play the beta or wait for final release...
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