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  1. On a real machine, or a tablet/phone/thing? Because I have 0 problem in Chrome or Firefox, Win7 or OSX.
  2. I would just like to point out that Ron Gilbert of Maniac Mansion is on this project, so while you haven't played many of Tim's games, one of the other devs is the reason you're here.
  3. "Finish your B.S." It's a game that gets progressively harder as you gain benefits like "Full Time Job" and "Own a House"... Seriously, though... Starcraft 2 on Friday nights after work, and the occasional solitaire when lecture is really boring and I've read all of Reddit...
  4. Growing up, I totally wanted to be in the games industry. First at Lucasarts or Broderbund, then later at Working Designs or Square. I actually kinda sorta work for a game company, but we're currently too busy with "real" applications to work on any games (and have been that way since a few months before I started). I guess I'm hoping to eventually stumble across the next Working Designs or Bioware. Serious stuff to pay the bills, games in the 20% time.
  5. While I'm not the world's most prolific creative person (I've written three poems and an outline for a D&D module... None of which I actually did anything with.) I generally tend to work creatively in one of two ways: Brainstorming / Outlining / Charting - This must be done on paper with a pen. When I got my first tablet (TF Prime), the first accessory I bought was a stylus so I could keep this up. Sadly, I think for anything that doesn't need to be shared with other people, I'm probably going back to ink & paper. Stream of Consciousness Writing - Keyboard and text editor. Simple editor. Word/Pages is too complex. WordPad is my preferred, though Notepad++ and Fraise/Smultron are supplanting rapidly. Tabs, Bold, Italics, Underline. Anything more than that becomes a distraction. Lecture Notes (not really creative...) - Paper if I actually need to pay attention to the information, or if it's a math class (typing equations is *SLOW*). Smultron if I only need a list of things to review for tests and can otherwise dink around on Reddit.
  6. Yep came in here to write this that´s pretty much why I decided to be a backer. I'm a fan from the pre-Schafer days, but having Ron involved was good enough for me. Plus I think the current creator/publisher model is broken, and want to see any company who cares about their end product be able to break away from that.
  7. For Tim and Ron, I believe the traditional bribe is a pewter mug of Grog™. I could be mistaken, though.
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