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  1. I really want my horse to be able to jump. Other than that it was fun.
  2. Its a great idea, but man is it easy to get stuck. I forgot I even had an inventory as I was playing. It gets the idea across well.
  3. Sometimes it was hard to tell what edicts did, like the search edict puts reports behind older ones. I liked the gameplay but something about the tranistions and day cycle made it feel like the game was forcing me to go "fast". It's all minor stuff.
  4. Little Pink Best Buds isn't showing up in my steam library after I redeemed the key.
  5. Go to your library and turn on grid mode (right by the big picture button) find the game you want and right click it, set custom image, navigate to the file, click set image. Big Picture mode uses those images, the images are pulled from the store page but since these aren't on the store front there are no images.
  6. I mainly just used the logos in the folders, in some cases I had to take some screenshots and combine things. I posted them below but here is the link to the album. http://imgur.com/a/I7Jw0 and theres an image of them in steam there. I hope someone likes them and uses them in their Steam. Autonomous Black Lake Brazen Without AF Logo Costume Quest Version 1 Version 2 Hack n' Slash Happy Song Spacebase DF-9 The White Birch
  7. I was playing on a controller and the running seemed a tad off, I fell of ledges and missed jumps. The real issue is the resetting with the bridge still up, having to redo that part is infuriating. More frequent checkpoints for people like me.
  8. I quit in anger because I kept falling off due to the controls. I did that damn bridge like 100 times because thats where it spawns seemingly no matter how far you go ahead. I'll go back and finish.
  9. I voted for damn near everything because most of the ideas have legs. I think games like Flock and Double Fine High needed to be much higher on the list. I feel like the stuff that won was a bit too safe. I'm the kind of person who plays Thirty Flights of Loving and loves it. We need games to be weirder to grow what games can be and if any studio can execute weirdness its Double Fine.
  10. I'm picking up what they are putting down I loved the feel and general aesthetic in Stacking. We are in good hands.
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