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  1. Voted for Broken Age, but I cannot tell you if it works or not since it isn't my baby. I threw in a couple ideas: Tale of Two Worlds, Tale of Two, Separate Worlds.
  2. Woah, woah, woah, woah! ...Did Tim just say they started on Brutal Legend 2?!
  3. Thanks so much for sharing all this, it means a lot to me that you guys are willing to share every little detail on how you guys work. I really want to move up in the video games industry and all of the posts have helped inspire and motivate me to do so.
  4. Random ideas: World made completely out of bubble wrap Bubble world Ice level Possessed classroom world of trees who all sing different genres of music world of kittens and puppies only world of run by a mafia of bananas who can only be killed by violently peeling them world where the carpet will eat humans world filled with millions of Tim Schafers world where babies are adults and adults are babies (whoah) Ice level where all the furniture is fire based world where mustaches are villains and bears are heroes world completely made of edible food world in which some war is crafted world only containing mother-in-laws world where everyone yells at inappropriate moments world containing living food which are chefs that cook people world made of cream soda world made of pointy dangerous objects world with an unnecessary amount of unique fans (either the air blowing kind or the obsessed kind) world where everything slowly melts (not to be confused with ice cream world) world where not wearing a hat is against the law world only containing fat Persian cats and pugs world where garbage is used for everything (buildings, vehicles, parking meters, etc.) i may come up with more random ideas
  5. Thank you so so so much Tim, this is honestly the best lesson I have been given in a very long time. If I give you an unnecessary amount of money could you give me lessons on how to be awesome?
  6. This documentary is fantastic. Seeing how Tim's mind works, especially with all this pressure, is so inspiring to someone who wants to be a game designer. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration guys!
  7. Loved the little surprise at the end, now I must go watch Thriller! Thanks for the awesome video once again 2P, I would really love to see all the additional video content go on the Blu-Ray if that is possible. I am totally for the "Slacker Backers". It will allow me to annoy everyone I know once again. Please keep us posted as to when you can donate through Paypal.
  8. Upped my pledge and got a lot of new backers by pleading with the SteamGifts community. Really happy to see they got it, that was too stressful!
  9. Double Fine Adventure (of course) Republique Starlight Inception
  10. I hate any kind of spoilers so I think this is a great idea.
  11. That was awesome, thanks for posting. If there was a Firefly Kickstarter I think I would break my computer screen from throwing my wallet at it too hard.
  12. Proof that Jennifer Hale would totally be down to do this project: Jennifer Hale and David Hayter join the cast of Republique She is doing another Kickstarter game project, Republique, and that game hasn't even come close to meeting it's goals yet (though I hope it does).
  13. Just watched this video where they talk ideas for the PC version of the game: Republique Video Update #5 To be honest, this makes the project sound much to ambitious for the amount of money they will have to work with...and I like that. Most likely going to donate now.
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