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  1. What I don't really understand here is why these backgrounds need to be repainted. Surely the artists use some insanely high res Photoshop document to paint in, and then downscale it as part of the batch process that generates in-game assets from them? If not, why? Do DF artists only get 512MB RAM to work with? I deal with 20 megapixel photos on a regular basis and as long as you have a computer that was built anywhere in the last 7 years it's going to cope fine with it, even if you have 25 or 50 layers. It's understandable that assets aren't made to a detail level of 20 megapixel. You can paint in a zoomed-out view, at least you won't get jagged edges if the artwork needs to be shown bigger in-game. If anything, all you'd be doing is touching up to conceal sloppy brush strokes that are only visible when zoomed in, not repainting the whole thing. If the reasons are too elaborate to go into in a forum post, I'd love to see a small segment of documentary focus on the workflow of repainting the artwork for RC8 and why things needed to be repainted instead of just touched up a bit and exported at a higher res.
  2. r u avin a giggle ther m8 ill bash ye fkin ead in i sware on me mum
  3. Is the bone animation even supposed to be interpolated? I think it is, right? Because on my system it isn't. It really looks jarring because a lot of elements like character translation and camera movement run at 60fps when the animations run at a fraction of that. Since I saw you guys were using bone rigs in the documentary, I was pretty much expecting everything to be really smooth. There are also a lot of instances where everything looks like it's running at 30fps (like the 2HB logo) when Fraps reports 60. Happens at all resolutions, even tiny windowed ones. My specs: Dual Xeon X5550, 24GB RAM, Radeon 5870, Windows 7 x64. Edit: here's a video - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6028129/brokenage.mp4 - SPOILERS! that video is the ending cutscene, don't click if you haven't seen it yet.
  4. I think there could've been a bit more transparency. The documentary showed Tim struggling with things like game difficulty, and the resounding feedback from the beta is now that the game is far too easy. That could've been prevented, methinks.
  5. I'd say yours looks blurry too. Like, scaled 110% blurry, not scaled 200% blurry, if you get what I mean. Here's what it looks like for me (with additional knee glitch on Vella):
  6. And the text was scaled up, at least for me at 1920x1200. The dialogue text is all crisp, why skimp on a poor bitmap font?
  7. I would like to support this sentiment. I hope your hair does not spontaneously ignite upon seeing the list of bug threads. We love you, guys!
  8. The close up pixelation immediately reminded me of Manny's inventory in Grim Fandango. That's a 15-year old game! It was more apparent in some places than in others, but it really jumped at me right away with Shay's holo-blanket when I first started playing the game. The DXT-like texture compression that's used also makes everything look grimey and detracts from the beautiful Bagel Look.
  9. The final cutscene is unskippable. Going back to the last save when you've completed the game, dumps you into the cutscene and you have no way of skipping or fast forwarding your way forward to the credits or to the backer list. Speaking of, the search function in the backer list felt really weird. You can press keys to enter letters, but they don't show up anywhere, they just highlight results (unless there are none), and backspace doesn't work. It's like with old DOOM cheat codes where you have to wait a few seconds and try again from the beginning. It also wouldn't even highlight my name, only some other names with "Mullen" in them. I wanted to take a screenshot of my name in the backer credits, but for some reason it wouldn't save and I had to go back. Going back and finding out there was no fast way to the credits was pretty frustrating. What I personally would expect, would be to be able to skip the final scene with the skip key, and possibly use the skip key to make the credits fast forward and/or have the arrow keys and page up / page down work. On touch screens I guess you'd just be able to drag the credits, and if you let go, they'd go back to scrolling normally. Searching could use some actual feedback like showing the letters/word you're searching for at the bottom or something.
  10. Yeah, I just want windows to overlap on top of the game while it keeps running in the background. I tried it with my own SDL2-based game, and simply using SDL_CreateWindow at full screen window dimensions with SDL_WINDOW_BORDERLESS and SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED makes the magic happen. SDL takes care of the rest.
  11. It doesn't do that for me. Alt+tabbing while in fullscreen minimises the game. Switching to windowed mode enables window decorations. There aren't really a lot of options outside of that.
  12. Windowed fullscreen is an option that is popping up more and more often in games. It's essentially a borderless window the size of the primary monitor. Giving you immersion and immediate Alt+Tabbability! It would be great to have the game support this from the menu. The SDL runtime even detects when you set the window to a 0,0 positioned fullscreen-sized window, and automatically switches between windowed mode when tabbed out and true fullscreen while playing the game. For other backers who would like to run the game in windowed fullscreen before it is officially supported in the game, I made this AutoHotKey script: WinSet, Style, +0x20000,Broken Age ahk_class SDL_app WinMove,Broken Age ahk_class SDL_app,, 0, 0, 1920, 1200 WinSet, Style,-0xC00000,Broken Age ahk_class SDL_app WinSet, Style,-0x40000,Broken Age ahk_class SDL_app Replace 1920, 1200 with the resolution of your main monitor. If your main monitor is not positioned at the top left of the monitor stack (the one you see in display properties), change the 0, 0, to the offset where your main monitor begins (for instance, if your main monitor is the right-hand monitor of two 720p screens, the coordinates would be 1280, 0). Note that you should probably pause the game before you tab out. Sound will continue while tabbed out, and clicking back may inadvertently activate in-game functions as the game still responds to mouse clicks.
  13. I find HTML5 video with no toggle option for Flash or even a fallback to Flash very unprofessional. Technically I have a browser that supports it (though many people don't - and as previously noted especially not at work due to restrictions), but it's Chrome dev-channel, which currently has a bug that prevents it from exiting out from fullscreen. I also foresee problems if you as you mentioned want to add subtitles; generally experience learns us that any feature of HTML gets implemented in a different way in different browsers, and I expect video subtitles to be equally problematic as a cross-browser feature. Going flash (or both Flash and HTML5, toggleable) is a much safer route, imho.
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