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  1. Awesome update guys, and thanks for letting us into your world also want to mention that the music for these videos at the start and end is in my head for the rest of the day... and humming it is just a side effect... PS @tim sorry for making you angry or its at least hard to know/portray how one feels in 140 characters...
  2. echopeus

    Wii U Gamepad

    Gamepad only functionality would be awesome
  3. Found a bug in WiiU version where you can swim in the rock formation. I'm posting the video up on youtube(should be up in a few doesnt seem to break the game or anything.. Great game BTW Beat it once now i gotta go back and find the 1 painting i'm missing for each person ... and play as the other characters...
  4. One of my favorite childhood games: THE HORDE!!!! <-- this game would be epic if re-made today
  5. Growing up through life as a kid everyone gives you these books that will help you, guide you, make you better.. i dont know something, maybe even just think a little. This epilog documentary needs to be broadcast and understood by the past and more importantly today's future. What I mean is maybe to start from square one and play some of these games to grasp some real knowledge about the basic idea of a great imagination and then watch this. Just the start but a great one. thanks Double Fine this was worth it
  6. All i want is my copy of maniac mansion signed (PLEASE)...!!!... that game made me cry and laugh and really it made a part of me ...
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