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  1. I was going to go Machinarium but then I saw Ghost Trick on the list. Holy Smokes I love that game. Didn't even think of it as an adventure game till I saw it posted on that list
  2. It was nice to hear the composer for Dustforce contributing his music to the video. Is he going to be working on the DFA?
  3. im going to post in this topic and promptly never visit it again
  4. hate to say it but i think text input might not work with today's audience. it would be fun to have some sort of quirky thing in the game that pays homage to it though.
  5. currently playing demon's souls, the witcher, deus ex human revolutions dustforce and rayman origins
  6. machinarium, but seriously, i bet these guys have played more games in the genre than we have collectively heard about
  7. i was more curious in what specific programs the people who work for double fine use. also there are issues when it comes to mixing sound so that it doesn't just play like your favourite song on itunes, but acts like it comes from a source inside the game world. There is a whole set of tools used to test and integrate audio so that it reacts to the environment the way you would expect it to ie: the main character has a series of grunts and audio clips that accompany all the actions he does, but the reverb will change depending where he currently is, (in a castle, on a field, underwater). I realize this probably shouldn't be a topic but a PM to the forum.
  8. Your "Studio work" is limited to fruityloops, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be asking such questions. \thanks for the respectful reply, ive worked in studio on logic and pro tools, and cubase and a bit of sonar as well recording rock and jazz groups as well as producing electronica and soundtracks. ive spent thousands of dollars on instruments and recording hardware and music performance is my main source of income. producing for video games is one of the few things i havent dived into yet. but yeah fruityloops is pretty fun too.
  9. Stacking on Steam for PC has an issue with several controllers (my saitek p880 being one of them). The camera axis are switched, so everything is a quarter turn off where it should be. Left is up, Down is left, Right is down, Up is right. simple fix: allow an option for rebinding axis on the controller setup menu.
  10. yeah i felt the same way. I'd love to work in the industry given a chance, but id be happy making music anywhere to be honest.
  11. I've done alot of studio work with a lot of different hardware and a myriad of different DAWs on both Windows and Mac. I'm really curious what sort of tools the geniuses at DFA use for their music creation, also what sort of middleware do you guys use to integrate the sound into the final product. I'd like to get more experience developing music for video games, but I don't even know what tools to start with. I'd also love to learn what languages you guys use to program your games, and what other tools are involved in your making of a masterpiece. Thanks in advance for any replies
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