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  1. 4 Hours to Complete Act 1... really?!

    Well I've played the first two episodes on Walking Dead on my PC (completed it all on console) and it's got me clocked in at 8 hours on Steam. But this is besides the point really, we're talking about the length of Broken Age and whether or not that's alright. I think it's probably fine.
  2. 4 Hours to Complete Act 1... really?!

    Those are 2 hours max per episode. That's 10 hours total. That's not my experience, but then I do take my time wandering around exploring the environments and bantering with everyone.
  3. 4 Hours to Complete Act 1... really?!

    4 hours? I finished the guy's part in one hour so unless Vella's is much longer then I'm a bit underwhelmed with the length, but the quality? Excellent. I'm guessing you've played different Telltale games from me? That's about the same length as a Walking Dead/Wolf Among Us episode.
  4. I got the Broken Age Humble Bundle page about a week and a half ago, then it disappeared and reappeared last night. In a state of constant refreshing now.
  5. Sounds like livestreaming and let's playing is probably fine so long as you cut off at the point they've specified. Might want to await confirmation of that, though!
  6. This has become a thread that's pretty good for just learning stuff about Steam's DRM.
  7. The Steam version of Psychonauts uses a "smart" executable that launches with Steamworks if Steam is running (so you get cloud saves, achievements, etc), and launches DRM-free if Steam is not (and its directory could be moved to a different computer with no internet and no Steam installed and it'd still run just fine), which I think is clever and I wish more games worked like that. Not sure about DF's other self-published games. That's actually really awesome! I seriously hope they elect to use this method for Broken Age as well. Better than having Steamworks wedged into it. We'll likely have multiple ways of downloading the game though, no? Similar to the way Humble Bundles give you DRM free downloads as well as Steam/Origin/Desura keys.
  8. Man, the red mist has descended upon this thread. I would imagine that we will get our hands on a DRM free version of Act 1. Keep in mind that this is not the finished product but a beta, and beta code needs protecting. Interesting to see that anti-Steam sentiment still exists though. Thought maybe I was the only one who still felt uneasy about the whole deal (regardless of owning about 300 Steam games).
  9. I am so gosh darn excited!
  10. What'Cha Been Playing?

    I've been playing a lot of Dead Space recently, as I started off a Let's Play of it a while ago. Lost interest and didn't touch it for just under a year, but I'm back on it now and actually enjoying it (although it's still not even a little bit scary). Other than that I play a fair bit of Starcraft 2 and MOBAs when I'm not busy being a Dad.
  11. The "Android" audience? It's strange that you've picked the more open source of the popular mobile platforms to call casual? The audience is simply the mass market for modern games. As games become bigger they cost more money to make, and when they cost that much money they need to draw in large audiences to make a profit. The sad fact is that the gamer is often no longer the target audience, and while that's sad for us it's good for the industry, and we'll always have games like Dark Souls to fall back on.
  12. I'd love for the game to be long and hard (hur hur), it seems everything's getting shorter and easier in gaming these days.
  13. Why? $250 backers already get extra stuff over $100, the name in the credits thing is a carry-over from lower tiers. I get the feeling I'm missing a joke though, I've been missing from these forums for quite a while!
  14. I chose the 'No' option, but I wanted to clarify why. It's not that I wouldn't want to pledge more, it's that I'm literally unable to do so due to being pretty damn poor (by western standards). If I was employed, for example, I'd throw more money at the project in a heartbeat.
  15. Post your Kickstarter Backer History

    E-Peen inflation! This is the first thing I've funded, but I'm not mentioning how much because I don't feel the need to show off.