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  1. I played through Shay's story first and then Vella's. The ending was great playing in that order. I then played through it again playing Vella then Shay to see if there would be a different ending from Shay's perspective. There was not, and that made me wonder if the reveal was better playing Vella second. If you are someone who played through Shay second was it a giveaway to the big reveal by cutting from the end of Shay's story to Vella waking up on the beach? My suggestion is to either 1) create a new cutscene from Shay's perspective- it could be of Shay waking up and walking towards a bright light where a shadowed figure slowly comes into focus or 2) ending Vella's story right before the battle with Mog and then returning back to Vella after completing Shay's story which would force you into finishing Shay before finishing Vella. What do you think backers?
  2. I also agree. If you are playing with a mouse this would not be a problem but playing with the touch pad on a Macbook it is difficult to click and drag items up. The touch pad is most sensitive at the bottom and least sensitive at the top. The result is that if I click in the center of the touch pad on the item and begin dragging it up I would reach the less sensitive portion of the touch pad and drop the item before reaching the person or location I wanted to use it on. To get around this I have to either click at the very bottom of the touchpad or once I have dragged the item a little way I place a second finger lower down on the touchpad and then remove the first finger and continue dragging.
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