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  1. Wow the Videos are getting better and better!! This is by far my most favourite episode!!! It's great to see the artists workings spaces and where they gather their inspiration from!!
  2. Great episode! Like in every good film or comic book: The assembling of the team of superheroes!! The video with the tubes is hilarious too!! Keep up the good work on the documentaries 2playerprod, they are amazing!
  3. Wow very atmospheric!!! You really nailed that old shool adventure feeling!! Looks very promising!
  4. -What about the Alps? -Eastern Germany in the 80's ??? Or even Berlin! -Dahli painting! -Iceland -In the Buckingham Palace -inside a Song.... -through an animals perspective -nudist beach -in one of the worlds Ijon Tichy travels to ( a Book by Stanislaw Lem called The Star Diaries- this book is full of crazy worlds and planets ranging from places where furniture grows like plants to civilizations which glow in a different colour depending on their mood and feelings or where dying and beeing recreated is as normal as walking down the road) -the big bang
  5. @Lee loved the stuff you did on brütal legend that game had a great visual style so its great to hear youre in on the df adventure!! The scrolling into the background is really great haven't seen anything like this before! It gives a lot that the char is not just walking of screen but moving with the world
  6. the more I read on the forums the longer my list gets just started Stacking yesterday ( and like it) to get in to some Double Fine Games! (a copy of brütal legend is also lying around somewhere) I think i'll have to start the longest journey because it seems to be a favourite vote and it got me interested... and probably as much other adventure games as I can get my hands on!! also just finished LIMBO- what a great game! Highly recommended! other games I'll probably will be playin along side will be: Half Life 2 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Gemini Rue Edna Bricht Aus Warhammer 40K Space Marine Catherine Portal 2 Batman Arkham City other Space Quest parts (than 2) ... and more and more adventures! (recommend some!)
  7. Just read an article about it over on destructoid and watched the clips and was soo amazed! Such a shame nobody wanted to pick it up! But on the other hand when I read that you guys got stuck and designed yourselfs into a corner maybe it's good that it didn't see the light! Some things work some not and you shouldn't push them unnecessary! None the less it looked very futuristic and progressive and I hope that something in this direction will become tangible in the future (yeah kinect- tangible- pun ) This would have been a great counterpart to heavy rain on the Xbox and for me a definite reason to get kinect edit: and a great way for games to interact on a emotional level even more!
  8. And yess I would have prefered a new game too!!
  9. Oh man this looks very interesting and very tempting as an Larry fan! But yeah they put it out at the wrong time! all the adventure fans pledged for the Double Fine Adventure and shure they would or will pledge for this one too but they would have got more people and attention when they would have put it up in a adventure game drought time! So now everybody is torn apart or don't want to concentrate and follow two things at a time! Or even pledge as much money
  10. My book is right next to the bed! Funnily the best ideas come to me when I am lying awake in bed (just before I should fall asleep because I have to get up early the next day ) The famous composer Schubert also had a notebook (and his pair of glasses) right next to his bed so that if he dreamt some good music he could write it down immediately!! But I do very much like Tims Idea of meditating for two hours over his book. I got have to try it out myself! edit: AND some small sketchbook or my iphone when I'm out for quick ideas or any kinds of bursts or so !!
  11. classic!! Monty python is just the best greetings from vienna! Grüße aus Wien!
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