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  1. I know some people won't particularly like the idea Tim has but I'd love to see where it goes. Keep up the good work DF and 2PP.
  2. It's a toss up between Charcoal and Light Grey...hmm...Charcoal.
  3. I knew about services like Kickstarter through ExtraCreditz fundraiser using RocketHub. but as some people have stated this was the first time I actually used Kickstarter
  4. Replayed the Half-Life 2 series the other day, next I'll play some Gears 3 or Super Meat Boy until the Witcher 2 comes out on the 360.
  5. I vote private, and if information on the game were to be released to the general public that it be via a vote amongst the backers of what is and isn't released.
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