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  1. The OFFICIAL "Who did you vote for and why" thread

    Hack'n'slash -> really interesting concept, potentially a good way to turn the Zelda-like genre (is it even a genre? oh well, whatever ) on its head. Plus, if done correctly, there would be a lot of potential gameplay situations that could arise from the upgrades. Bragging and fighting -> I didn't realize there could potentially be a solid game based on that concept, but the pitch convinced me it has potential. Difficult to say whether it could be fun long-term, but Double Fine so far has made a consistent display of talent, so I give them the benefit of doubt in these matters. The White Birch -> I'm 50/50 on this one. I'm not sure if a good, interesting game can be made of this, but given the ICO comparisons I thought I'd like to see for myself, and not just remain in doubt. Milgrim -> I'm mostly drawn in by the "build a platformer level as you play" rather than the Tower Defense comparison. Bad Golf -> Surprised this isn't getting more votes, it just sounds like fun. Fun isn't exactly the word I associate with golf, so kudos. Black Lake -> It's not a novel concept. It's not interesting *per se*, imo, but I think Double Fine could do this kind of game justice. A bit unsure if that can be seen in a prototype, given that I think the genre relies a lot on good, well-paced content, but still, voting it won't hurt.