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  1. Is there any way to disable the 'gameplay hint' UI elements? (Perhaps editing a config file etc?)
  2. Great sidequest, agree on the editing. Also there were some 'cuts to black' where I think we were supposed to see game footage. Also the interviewer's questions aren't the same style as the previous sidequests (this was white text on black; the others had yellow with black outline over the regular video).
  3. Skolia

    8-Bit Mode Gone?

    *cough* oops, I forgot that step Thanks
  4. I did start over and I breezed through Act 1, probably took.. 1-1.5 hours? Act 2 was another story. My overall total playtime start to finish was just under 12 hours.
  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S from T-Mobile and the Google Play store says that Broken Age for Android won't run on it (It'll run on my Galaxy 5S). Is there any way to fix this? Android 4.4.2
  6. Skolia

    8-Bit Mode Gone?

    I switched back from "backer" branch to main and still no joy. Tried: disabling steam overlay disabling XBox 360 Controller Receiver driver deleting settings file sending compliment about the game to Tim verified local game cache
  7. I go to remap and the icon to enable 8-bit mode doesn't show up anymore. Did you guys take it out or move it? Windows (Steam) 2.0.786383
  8. Skolia

    XBLA: Disc Error

    Two of us are making our second playthrough of the Cave (first was Adventurer, Time Traveller and Scientist). This playthrough is Monk, Knight and Twins. We just finished the minecart level (previous was the Knight's) and now we get "Disc error" and there seems to be no way to continue XBOX360 XBLA Version
  9. Can you do local network co-op play with The Cave (Steam, Windows) or is it only multiple controllers on same machine?
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