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  1. I had a hero, who at first was a partner until his regent died, he then joined the fighting ranks. He had been passed a relic from his brother who died honorably in martial combat. This hero had no other siblings, but had seven children. None of the children has his last name since he wasn't the regent. Now, is the reason the relic didn't get passed to my hero's children because they didn't have the same last name, or is it because the relic first belonged to his brother and my hero's children weren't technically the same bloodline? Also, RIP Yukino "Mudslinger" Shirakani and Ulrik Whiteheart; you were gods among heroes and the cadence fell to you by the score. The rest of my heroes are but pale imitations.
  2. Just some from my time in the Marine Corps that I always liked: Sphynx Jester Ringmaster Wizard Dread Pirate Spook Secret Squirrel Brewmaster Feel free to use any you like.
  3. Just want to reiterate my request that either the security beacon override everything Security is doing, or make an emergency beacon that does. Please. Tried this, and it works maybe 40% of the time, better than nothing I guess, but still not ideal. Actually had to seal all the doors except the doors that went to where I wanted my security to go, and then set off all the alarms between the beacon and where the personnel were.
  4. Just curious since I was just invaded by two raiders, who managed to kill 6 of my people. I had paused the game, beefed up my security by making all the people who had 4 or higher security that job. Then set a beacon for five of them to go to the room outside the airlock (which for some reason I can no longer do anything with besides demolish because it forgot who built it) and security completely ignored the beacon until the raiders were inside that room. Security decided then that they should only send one of the five requested personnel at a time, who proceeded to get killed by the raiders. If I may make a minor suggestion... Make the beacon override whatever Security is doing, or make a separate "Emergency" beacon. Having served in the military, if you're at a FOB and the call goes out to defend the place or get to the bunkers because of an attack, doesn't matter what it is you are doing, sleeping, eating, showering, going to the restroom, etc., you drop what you are doing, get your gear, and go to your designated emergency duty. Just a thought.
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