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    A husband, father and avid gamer growing up with Monkey Island and its kin, working in the software industry. Also went to see the DF building before any of the classic touristy stuff while visiting San Francisco in summer 2012 for the first time.
  1. Every time I watch one of these I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, it's such a privilege to in some way be a part of all this magic happening. I think I'll just watch this one more time before going to bed... or maby twice?
  2. I have a lot of fond memories playing Psychonauts on my old Xbox. All this talk about such a great game (the milkman level was my favourite by the way), I think it's about time that I try the PC version I got with one of those Humble Bundles a while back. Thank you Anna for sharing your beautiful story, every time a new DFA update pops up in my mailbox I cant help but feel privileged to be part of this amazing adventure, and I bet my pants that the game will be incredible too! Thank you!
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