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  1. Yeah. This thread is making me sad but yeah. Tim Schafer tweeted "talk about other platforms soon". Even if that wasn't the case, I don't have a PS4 yet I'm happy about this, it was a real highlight during the conference. The fact that Sony discussed with Disney to make this happen is good, I'm not even sure Disney knew they had this game.
  2. Miyazaki's grass and blue skies are the best. This project is definitively on the right track. Also I'd love to see Pen Ward doing voice directing!
  3. I want to play it at the end of AF2014 I'm following this thread closely, this is something amazing.
  4. Vib Ribbon on Playstation. JP only I think but it's pretty well known Some other games only released in Japan: Takeshi no Chousenjou (Famicom) Famous comedian and film director Takeshi Kitano doing his own game, and trying to break every rules about video games along the way. Utsurun Desu - Kawauso Hawaii e iku (Famicom) It's your typical plateformer, but full of "breaking the fourth wall" type of jokes, like false title screen, gaining suddenly the ability to walk on the background, and more... Hayauchi Sokutei Game (Famicom) Best game you'll ever play. Anybody can read French? because http://oujevipo.fr/ is the best place to find hundreds of weird video games. I recommend the 2013 and 2012 end of the year top lists. http://oujevipo.fr/dossierstops/1050-mon-top-25-de-2013 http://oujevipo.fr/dossierstops/862-top-50-de-2012 A few years ago I made a RPGMaker game with a bunch of other people (like Mortis Ghost, who a game called Off that went pretty viral on Tumblr and that is worth mentioning here : http://forum.starmen.net/forum/Fan/Games/OFF-by-Mortis-Ghost/page/1/) called "DarkSoule.Ace2", I guess it could be described as some sort of demented and very ugly Wario Ware game going in numerous random direction every few seconds, where you only very slowly realize the existence of a plotline and that is endless and never the same every time you play it. It was shown on french TV at some point :
  5. I love this mix of stars, pro voice actors, industry cameos and newcomers. And the demo looks so good! I got a lot from the documentary and features on this forum, but it's pretty clear that the game itself will shine above all.
  6. I swear, I only read Highlights for the pictures ! (Also, I'm super happy at the Lumberjack news.)
  7. I don't think I've ever seen/heard such a close look at video game music creation, great !
  8. Great read, It's really a small touch that does a lot, especially in-game I'm sure.
  9. I think that's exactly what I wanted to get by backing this project. Such fantastic art !
  10. The Cut sounds nice. I like a lot of the popular suggested titles around here though : Worlds Apart, The Divide, Anywhere Else...I love The Fine Line too! But I'll probably call this game Double Fine Adventure for a while though.
  11. Andy have so many Mogwai shirts : D Though I *think* I saw someone with a MOTHER/EarthBound shirt at some point in the last episode, so the Saturnome award for best shirt goes to him. Saturnome awards for prototypes coming later!
  12. The Gamasutra article doesn't have an order, or am I mistaken? Because obviously DF is number one! (off topic, but how do people make pages like the Polygon article? with the fancy stuff that moves around and change opacity? What tools?)
  13. You're going way, way beyond the known limits of awesomeness, it's scary but I love it.
  14. I haven't commented so far I think, so I'll just say that this is looking super amazing, I'm really excited to see this whole thing in real time.
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