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    Steam: SalientSoreThumb / "SoreThumb" Born in New Zealand in '64, a hot headed actor named Russel Crowe; he loves to act but he loves one thing more: Fightin' round the world!
  1. Hey, everybody. I also agreed that "The Cut" is the most evocative of the titles for the game as described. The title I came up with was: If my title's good, you could see why I said it in response to Tim's summary. Good luck picking the name you all feel is best, Tim & the Reds team!
  2. Just caught it on the Kickstarter page. Entertaining, and I feel so happy to know my $ made all those talented people smile and laugh. ;n; Time to make them cry in agony! <3 .. hopefully not.
  3. Nail on the head! Sounds like something I'd wait for.. I already get KS updates; but I don't know if Twitter is going to be a thoughtful/aimed/comprehensive basis for a total understanding of the game's progress. I think the 'check the stickies' is the best advice I can seek, even if they'll stretch on and on and on.
  4. So it sounds more like the devs are going to use this forum as more of a 'gauge reaction' thing, versus a 'get ideas' thing? Because I'm afraid of being so out of touch/not up to date with the decisions that my thoughts would omit important things, you know?
  5. Hey- This forum's only been up for 5 days, and yet it's already booming and full... I'm an infrequent viewer, and I don't plan to read every thread, and won't be here often enough to see how they update.. So, for people like me, how is it possible for us viewers to find, comment, and weigh in on bigger matters, in spite of the constant churning of this forum?
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