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  1. This was awesome! Great episode, 2PP have grown so much in there editing and how well the present each new episode so much better. It's a pace thing I think. Great! The audio part made it just so much more fun and enjoyable. What a present for 24th, Here in Sweden we celebrate christmas then at eve 25th. So this was great! Thank you everyone! I feelt like Tim was a great santa this year around. Merry Christmas to all of you who do that sort of thing. Happy Hanukkah to the other bunch ;D What ever that makes your all fuzzy and warm inside to the rest.
  2. Only got the news of this just now. Strange it wasn't mentioned on the kickstarter updates. I guess I've been in a dormant sleep. Anyways, looks great and lots of fun!
  3. Thanks for a new episode *high5* to 2PP. This is the drama and reality projects have. You think of something, you scope it once. Then reality hits you in the head and you have to deal with it. There's always some one getting sad or stuff needing to be cut to make things work. It's a balancing act and you need to do what you have to keep it afloat. I get that Tim got into his world and made something really great. He needs his stuff reviewed to work with the course the arrow and flow of the hole project. It's a challenge to make things work just right with in the frame of time and money. It's still great, I hope you make the best of it. Just be transparent as you are with everything. I'm sure we'll be happy with that extra gravy we get. I do think the 2PP documentary has payed itself. Now we just got to pay for the game as well. Keep on doing what you guys do best! I'll be watching and rooting for you all!
  4. Love these sidequest interviews. Oliver is such a cool programmer, very good at explaining stuff. 2PP I can really tell you guys are getting better at this. This episode was very uplifting. ;D Thanks everyone you guys rock!
  5. That was such a awesome episode! Loved it! Real soul to the feel of this episode. It sure put a big smile on my face Cudos to you 2PP .. keep this up!
  6. Must say superb article! Very well presented. I love all the follow up questions and answers Sure hope to read one of your future books. I'd definitely buy one.
  7. Great sidequest, love the insite of design and the rawness of it all. ;D
  8. Didn't like any of the chooises. So I went with my own. Life Rift The Rift World Rift A Rift of time Age of Rift I think Rift is a good word.
  9. Finally New Episode! ;D Was very exited about this one. It feel's like a great recovery you've done since you realized about the funds or scale of the game is scaping out. Feels really back on the road. This car will get it's shine back I'm sure. Big thanks to 2PP for making a little longer episode 40min's yay! ;D Just add a little bit of cliffhanger to next episode.. that'd be great to. I like the feeling of wanting to have a small peak, and something to look forward to. Cheers all! Tim looking great shaved, I might give that a try ;P About the diet thing. Tim should try Keto/LowCarb/LCHF/Paleo diets..
  10. I'm getting more and more in to this Holiday spirit ;D Thank you 2PP Happy Holidays to all of you and DFP
  11. Now the work begins, a little slow show today, but the sidequest definitely made up for it. Cheers guys, keep up the work. Just need to grind through it before you pick up momentum.
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