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  1. I liked this section, but it seems like a very long stretch where the Twins have to solve puzzles solo because the others can't get in. Is there a way to get any of the other characters into the house? (Through the gate, up the side of the house, etc.?)
  2. Did you try using the scientist's special ability right in front of the door? I'm not sure if that's the solution, but I just played this and used that on several doors and consoles to get around the area...
  3. I'm sorta glad to hear I'm not the only one who got stuck on that time traveler thing! That's the only part of the game where I got really hung up, everything else was so intuitive and "figure-outable" that it just seemed it had to be a glitch... Once I did what Reid suggested to get the bucket, it worked perfectly. I held the square button while cranking and then changed characters, and it worked right away for me. The boulder didn't seem to need to be smashed (I'm not exactly sure, anyway, why it was smashed sometimes and not other times...) I just don't think the game gave the feedback the player needed to be able to figure it out (and also don't think holding down the action button should have been necessary, for the boulder or the bucket, based on how other stuff works in the cave). But this was the only frustrating point in the game, for me. I just finished my first playthrough and really loved it. And I don't think anyone "lied" about the game being a platformer or an adventure game or whatever... it is what it is. Hard to pigeonhole, but definitely creative and fun to play. IMO.
  4. Wow, thank you, that was it. Thanks for saving me from starting over and losing 4+ hours of progress! That's really not intuitive... I don't think the other well behaved that way. I also got stuck for a little while before I figured out how to get into this area, because I didn't get how the time traveler's ability worked -- I was just pressing the button and not holding it down. I guess I should start holding down buttons more often...
  5. I think I've hit a bug in the Time Traveler area. My party is the Time Traveler, the Twins, and the Scientist. First, it took me a really long time to move the rock that's over the trickle of water. I tried it first by moving it and having my character stand in front of it, but when I switched times the rock would end up back over the water. The only way I managed to make it work was to have the character actively pushing the rock when I switched characters (and time periods). I'm not sure if that's by design or not but it's not intuitive, I would have spent far less time stuck if my original attempt to stand in front of the rock had worked like it seemed it should have. But here's the bigger issue: I got the well in the present. I try to use the well and there's an animation with a flash of a bucket but the bucket never actually rises. And when I go into the future there's no bucket. I've tried it both with the twins in the past holding the rock and the scientist at the well, and vice versa (the time traveler's always in the future). I'm playing on PSN. Tried quitting and reloading but the same thing happens. I don't have any items with me and no way that I can tell to get out of this area. Is this a bug? Is there anything I can do? Since the game autosaves, I seem to be stuck here...
  6. I got a reply from Fangamer. Apparently the women's small shirts *have not* gone out yet (the post on 7/20 saying that all women's sizes were shipped out was a mistake). So anyone else who's waiting for a women's small shouldn't worry. He said they're not exactly sure when that size will go out but hopefully by the end of August.
  7. If I requested a women's small t-shirt and have not yet received a shipping notification, should I be concerned? (As someone who formerly had to deal with customer service on this kind of thing, I don't want to be annoying. But the fact that the women's shirts supposedly went out first and I've heard nothing does worry me a little. Then again, posting my question in this thread is probably the wrong place to ask, so I'm probably being annoying anyway. Aw, karma...)
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