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  1. Hi ThunderPeel! I didn't wanna sound anti-DF at all. I own a copy of almost every game they did so far so sign me up as a fan :-) Just hope the DOTT remake will me a bit more obvious than it was with GF. I played the Grim on Residual about 1,5 years ago (before the remastered version came out) and it worked quite well. Anyway, i'm looking forward to the first screenshots of DOTT! Also curious if they used some of the Singapur assets.
  2. Thanks for your answers. For me the term "Remastered" is more of a technical and visual improvement than bringing something back in print. If I buy an old movie on BluRay it's (if it's done properly) rescanned from the original analogue tapes and -remastered- to increase the quality and bring it up to new standards. Even modern CGI is added in the case of the Star Wars movies (like it or not :-)) Maybe I'd wish for a DOTT "remake" (if it's all about the term definition). If you take a look at Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, MI2 or MI2, they all look nice and re-done for the modern times. As a player of the classics I'm looking for a new way to experience my favorite games. If I'm a new player, i kinda expect some visual quality to a released product. I saw a lot of comments on Steam about Grim where people give advice to get the original on Ebay and play it with Residual. Even though I love that Double Fine brings back old Adventure games, i would probably follow their advice if remastererd-DOTT's purpose is to bring the old game it back in print. Anyway! We could talk about that for ages and we won't know until first screenshots pop up :-) I hope for the best!
  3. To be completely honest, i wasn't too happy with the Grim Fandango remastered version. I bought it, yes - i played it, yes. But it didn't feel like a big improvement to the old version playable on ResidualVM. Realtime shadows and overhauled character models are nice, but that alone didn't cut it for me (new music was great though). Switching back and forth between the original and remastered version sometimes didn't even change much on the screen. I know, keeping the original feel to it was an important thing, but you guys got so many incredible artists working at Double Fine. Why not use them to create something fresh while keeping an original touch? DOTT is probably my favorite game of all time. But if a new version by the original creators isn't much more than port that's playable on new systems with some minor graphical improvements, i'd probably rather stick with my ScummVM version than pay 15$ for it. I'm not here to give you shit - i bought and loved almost every game you made so far. It's just my personal opinion. That being said and since this is a DOTT thread: here's my wish list for DOTT remastered: * make it 1080p (4:3 looks so 1990) * new hand-drawn backgrounds and character sprites * animations in the original are perfect to me * re-recorded music (maybe live? - at least not the old Midi) Looking forward to hear what you guys think! best, R.
  4. Hi there! I just finished Costume Quest 2 but missed a couple of things to get all achievements. I'm not in the party area and the portal is closed. Is there a way to go back to previous locations? All i can do is run around after the credits rolled.
  5. Ron

    Gamedev question

    Awesome, thank you!
  6. Hello there! I was wondering which software tool you used to create the graphics and animations? Did you use Flash do draw and animate the graphics? Thanks in advance!
  7. Oh, really? I didn't know this was changed. Was there any info about this which i missed?
  8. Hi! I read in the latest release notes that the "Favored" achievement should work now. I have almost 4000 firetributes, but don't get the achievement. Shouldn't it work recursively? Thanks! Everything else works great here.
  9. Hello everyone! I was wondering if i can check release notes for the released updates/patches. Steam doesn't show any update history. Is there a section here on the forums i can't find? How do i know what things are fixed in the updates. I'm asking this, because i read about missing achievements. So I wait until this issues are fixed before I finish those missions. @DoubleFine: An official Double Fine release notes thread with bugfixes, improvements and known bugs would be awesome. Thanks! I love this game! EDIT: Does the sticky thread of the BETA release notes show the final version fixes too? I noticed there are updates in there.
  10. Same here. I had that problem from the beginning, not just the last patch.
  11. Hello! I know you guys are busy fixing smaller bugs right now, but this is a quick question :-) Did you use World Machine to shape the details in the awesome terrain you got in Brütal Legend? Thank you! And thank you for bringing that wonderful piece of art to PC! best, R
  12. Thanks for clearing that up! Its great that you guys are so open with your workflow and procedures. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to when MMOJ is released in Europe!
  13. Hey, wow! What an amazing, detailed answer! Thanks for that! This is really helpful information. Just curious... Is there an advantage in exporting the animation frames as spritesheet over exporting the flash animation directly into the engine and let it calculate the animation paths in real time? I guess it depends on the engine you use.
  14. Hey! What tools are used to do MMOJ's graphics? Are you using Adobe Illustrator or Flash for drawing vector based sprites? Photoshop? What tools do you use to animate the graphics? Really curious how you guys did the graphics for the game! thanks in advance!
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