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  1. Yes, I would also totally buy DOTT merchandise! In fact, I'd like to get some things from the DF Store, but since I payed $ 48.00 in shipping last time I ordered there, I would really prefer to combine as many items as possible! So if there is a chance of DOTT merchandise, I'll hold off on ordering until that is available. Green & Purple Tentacle Plushies. Ted plushies. Plushies of the all the characters.
  2. it would easily be possible. Especially if we talk the pixelated version, but even the remaster af well.
  3. Personally i expect Double Fine to not only match this, but go above and beyond. I mean why else do it at all. This looks great and its still 100% true to the original.
  4. Regarding the concept art "which is awesome btw". What house is that on page 155 ?. Was that a place supposed to be in the game? is it one of the places where Bernard, Hoogie or laverne lives ?. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/476626985723706594/F30442100AA4FBD3B8674B4121325A91EF41645E/
  5. About this whole thing with sound libraries and such. Is there anything preventing them from actually created said sound effect from scratch in high quality. Like the tentacle suction cup effect or the chrono jump folding together and vanishing sound ?
  6. Yeah i gotta agree. I hope they will considering doing a repass on the audio and tweaking it. I definitely in most cases prefer the old audio, it has more depth and omph. When i was in the future in teds rooms the mummy guy, That music sounds so squishy in the new version, but when i switched back to the old version its all groovy and aweome again.
  7. So i was thinking about complete it again. Why even bother to mail old purple tentacle to siberia, surely he would vanish along with the others?. And how did the flag still retain its shape as a tentacle, because they never really went to the future, that future didn happen. We turned off the sludge o magic and purple tentacle never drank it. Also it always annoys me that we dont see green and purple tentacle. They should just be around there and be their normal selves.
  8. Purple Tentacle is taking over the world. And it wont go. ive clicked and clicked and clicked. I think my mouse is broken, but the game wont go why wont it go!. And now someone is tipping over cows!, wtf is going on!.
  9. At first I wanted to say that they could open a kickstarter... but then I remembered that it's not their IP. But again, if they worked with Double Fine and Ron Gilbert they could. Yeah they would get sued almost instantly for breaking copyright i fear. Sadly not all companies are like Valve, that not only accepts that fans remaster / remake their games but also allows them to sell it. While Black Mesa isnt perfect, its one hell of an accomplishment for the modders and its getting improved constantly.
  10. I don't agree with him, as coloring B&W movies doesn't improve the visual quality in movies. In most cases it makes it worse. Remastering on the other hand improves both image and audio quality. I see this kind of remastering that's done for DoTT the same ways as taking an old movie and cleaning it up so, that it looks nice and detailed and sounds as good as possible, as the voice acting is taken from the original sources and the art style crafted towards the original as closely as possible. And then there's the fact that you can play the game with original graphics. What I personally a bit forwn upon, but not stongly, is something that was done with Gabriel Knight, when the stong art direction of the original was changed to much more blander and less interesting pre-rendered style. They also altered the strcuture of the game, which was a bummer along side with new voice acting. The point is not whether colouring adds anything. The point is that the game is a product of its time, and that that adds another layer to the game. I have nothing against making revised versions of old games, as long as the original is available (which it is in DOTT's case). But I fully understand and appreciate that Ron Gilbert has no interest in making an updated version. He is the polar opposite of George Lucas, which is great But the original still exists. I know a ton of people who has gotten exposed to Grim Fandango and the Monkey island games only because of the remasters. So if he ever gets to make another Monkey island, it will be because more newer fans as well as the original as experienced the game. You just arent gonna get people to play those old pixelated games on dosbox with their horrible compatibility issues. Im looking forward to Full Throttle remaster as well as dreaming about the Digg and Sam & max hit the road. Not to mention System Shock 1 remaster.
  11. Night of the meteor looks freaking awesome. I just fear it will never get done. Sometimes i wish i were rich and could throw some money af that guy or people who are making it. They are really exceptionally talented.
  12. Oh man the first video confuses me. Then the pictures are normal. then they are stretched, then they are squished. What is going on ?. Is that a mistake on the developers part or is it poor video editing or what. Suddenly the characters and everything gets compressed left to right, then they get stretched, then they get compress top to button then in other scenes they are stretched. I have a feeling that unless you play with the old UI, you are gonna get some odd ratios.
  13. Oh i've tried this one. Its definitely the definitive edition of the game so far!.
  14. So we are now very close to the release of Day of the Tentacle remastered, something which ive personally looked forward too for such a long time. yet as this is one of my absolute most favorited point n click games. i cant help but wonder and think, that mansion mansion deserves a remaster treatment as well. It should be shining it up kinda like Thimbleweed park, or simply like Day of the tentacles art style. And on the vein of that thought. I would be such an amazing pleasure to get another Maniac mansion game. Personally i wouldn mind at all for a sequel to Day of the tentacle. i feel like there is still some potential there, just the fact that you dont see time travel games all that often anymore.
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