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  1. CTD on transition from the Shellmound hub to the screaming tree, immediately after obtaining the stinky perfume, using it, and immediately heading for the screaming tree. Didn't occur the second time I tried it, with the perfume off. I was post-Alex, and I'd put the bucket on the tree and not yet given the driftwood to make a stool. Loved the game!!
  2. Cut my underwear! I can't wait to hear that in-game. I just want to say it as a hokey expression of joy.
  3. http://puu.sh/2FLgu.jpg My favorite shot from this episode. Overall awesome, probably the best episode yet!
  4. I wasn't really sure which customer service to go to. would it be fangamer or something in double fine?
  5. I specified that I wanted a Women's shirt in Large. The tag says large, but after putting it on I have to assume that American Apparel caters exclusively to very small people, or the postman got whimsical with a shrink-ray. I mean, on any other shirt I would have just said "medium," but this was my very important backer shirt and I wanted to be certain it would fit me at this juncture I'm not really sure what is best to do... I'm not here thinking of compensation, the poster is lovely and I'm pleased to have donated regardless of what I got in the mail for it. I'm just looking for maybe, a very small woman with poor body image who got an extra large or something. or shirt stretchin' tips. or an un-shrink ray which I could borrow. I'd attach an image of the comically ill-fitting shirt but it is truly embarrassing to look at and does unspeakable things to the two-headed action baby.
  6. -a place where everyone is extremely small compared to the environment -persian carpet level -obligatory desert level >:[ -grainy black and white "radio" level where everyone sounds like they were recorded by old, cruddy microphones. something like edward r murrow's wwII radio broadcasts. I just like aesthetic a lot, it's charming -branching from that, silent film level -a world where everyone is nomadic -world of tropes -a world 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, where the existence of zombies is just banal and systemized to everyone still alive -wooly level -level which is just some guy's house -the land of yelling -a world illuminated from the ground, so shadows are cast on the clouds -world which has been sewn together from felt -a city inside a cello -city made by Ikea -censored level -a world which is buffering really slowly, and gets printed out and rendered as you move around because you are faster, as an outsider, than it expected -THE FLOOR IS LAVA -The Land of Adults as anticipated by kids -spontaneous musical level
  7. This http://geek.pikimal.com/2012/02/09/double-fine-raises-400k-overnight-to-develop-a-modern-adventure-game/ is not awesome because I wrote it but because I wrote it at 3 AM while slamming F5 and almost literally frothing at the mouth with excitement. this journalistic bias is unacceptable and I don't care
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