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  1. Thanks for the link! Great article. A special edition of Full Throttle would be so great. I loved playing that game back in the 90's and have played it again several times since then.
  2. Thanks man! Maybe the live orchestra thing could work out, if they're using the same orchestra for different projects, like they did with the Melbourne Symphony for Broken Age and Grim Fandango, where they recorded both soundtracks in the same session. Fingers crossed! If they were to release a physical box edition of DOTT, one idea could also be to include a voucher for a digital version of the game in the box, like they do with movies. I wouldn't mind paying a little extra to get both versions in one package.
  3. Happy 20th anniversary to Full Throttle! Just saw the old Mad Max movies and I’m feeling pretty certain that Tim must have been inspired by those movies, when he came up with FT. So now that the Mad Max franchise has renewed succes with the new movie, I’m thinking that now would be the perfect time for TS to announce either a remastered edition of Full Throttle or a sequel Am I right? At E3 maybe? Please tell me I’m right…
  4. Hi Matt. Thanks for responding to my question! Hope it's possible for you guys to make it happen when you get to the box design part. Would also be nice just to have a physical box release, even if it's just a normal rectangular-shaped one.
  5. My wishes for the DOTT SE: A physical release of the game in a triangle shaped box (or tentacle shaped) similar to the original limited edition one Remastered soundtrack with live musicians
  6. Just wondering if the soundtrack download from the Humble Bundle page will be updated with new tracks from act 2, now that it's been released? The soundtrack that I can download from my "Humble Library" only has 23 tracks, but the one that you can buy from iTunes and Amazon appears to have 30 tracks.
  7. Wow, this one was a thriller! So glad it seemed to work out for you guys in the end. Can't wait to play the game!
  8. If there is a physical release of the game, could you please make a collectors edition in a triangle box, similar to the original one? And maybe with a tentacle figurine, an art book or something else inside? That would be awesome!!!
  9. Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle! If we're talking LucasArts games in general and not just those done by Tim Schafer, then all the classic adventure games like Fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max hit the road, The Dig and Curse of Monkey Island... That would be awesome!
  10. You can already buy most of Double Fine's catalogue on GOG - Brutal Legend, Pshychonauts, Stacking, Broken Age etc. - so my guess is that the Grim Fandango remake, will probably also be available on both GOG and Steam... And if any of the other Lucas Arts classics are getting remakes, they'll probably also be there...
  11. It would be awesome if Double Fine, maybe in partnership with Sony, could finish this HD version of Day of the Tentacle, that was in the works, when Lucas Arts was shut down: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-09-28-lucasarts-had-been-working-on-a-day-of-the-tentacle-hd-remake Also I think it's very possible that Sony bought the rights for more Lucas Arts adventure games, like DOTT or Full Throttle. Because why would they only buy Grim Fandango, if they could get their hands on all of those classic IPs?
  12. That's right, according to this article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-09-28-lucasarts-had-been-working-on-a-day-of-the-tentacle-hd-remake Would be awesome if they finished it at some point! Hopefully the GF remaster will be a huge success, so they'll have no choice but to re-release all the classics...
  13. This is great news! And then do Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle afterwards. Please and thank you!
  14. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to playing part 2. Keep up the good work :exclaim:
  15. Great episode and great first act of the game! Finally got around to finishing it and I really enjoyed playing it. I agree with some of the reviews that have said it was a bit too easy, and I hope that act 2 will be a little longer, but otherwise it's a great game imho. I really like the art style, the voice acting, the story and the jokes. Just increase the difficulty a little and make the second act longer than the first, then it'll be perfect.
  16. I got the email with the The Humble Url, clicked on it, logged into Steam and then a blank window opened up in my Safari browser, and then nothing happened... I can't find a download or install link for the game anywhere. I've downloaded the soundtrack, no problem there.. But the game itself is nowhere to be found.. On the Humble page it says that my code has been redeemed and on the Broken Age page on Steam it says that I already own this game.. Does anyone else have this problem or know a way around it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: found the link on my list of games on steam. Downloading now! Really looking forward to playing it!
  17. Awesome! Great music. Looking forward to hearing more of it when the game is finished!
  18. It's sad that DOTT HD wasn't finished. Would have loved to play that. I also really enjoyed the Monkey Island HD versions. But isn't it possible for Double Fine to buy back the rights from Disney somehow? Then they could finish the job on DOTT and maybe do a sequel at some point...
  19. I agree that the classic instrumental-medley is the best way to go. It worked so well in all those other games (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc.) so why suddenly change it?Although in Full Throttle they had songs with vocals but they were implemented throughout the whole game and not just in the end credits...
  20. I think that a song at the end could work, but in my opinion it should be directly related to the game and not just some random indie pop/rock-song... Maybe Tim Schafer could write the lyrics and have Jack Black sing them? Maybe as a duet with one of the female voices? And Peter McConnell could arrange it with strings and stuff and make it sound really nice...
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