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  1. I just had the same crash - I didn't solve any puzzles first; Left Curtis' hut with axe & stained glass, briefly visited snake, then proceeded to tree, who mumbled once, then it crashed to desktop. Here's the minidump & my dxdiag. There appears to have been an autosave upon entering the screen; after restarting the game I was in the same situation but no crash occured.
  2. I would've gotten mine by now if they'd put a receipt on the outside so customs could process it. Now they're holding my package and I'll have to go get it, bringing the invoice. Except they're already closed for today, only being open until 3 PM from Mon - Thur, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow (did I mention they already close at 1:30 PM on Fridays?), netting me an additional 0,50€ in holding costs. Yay!
  3. Mine (also to Germany) is still on its way, cleared customs yesterday. I wonder if I'll have to pay taxes, did you have to?
  4. Ah, so they haven't been shipped. Thought as much since I didn't get any mail about it being shipped, but it could've just gotten lost on the way to Germany. Well, it will surely be worth the wait.
  5. Hey, yesterday I realized I hadn't played Psychonauts this year yet, so I remedied that. And while playing I thought about modding it. So I've looked around a bit - what do we know? There are a couple of different types of archives and the Psychonauts Explorer can open those (although the ppf reading seems to be broken?). Is there anything else? Are there any mods yet? I think there's one that replaces the Keyboard prompts with Xbox 360 pad buttons, right? And what else do we know about Psychonauts? It uses Lua, and it uses it a lot - I remember reading/hearing the script bytecode got too big for one of the consoles so they had to use custom, shorter opcodes. I don't suppose anybody has looked into whether the PC version uses this customized version of Lua, too? As long as it's standard it'll be fairly simple to work with, but I guess they'd have kept it the same across all platforms. Here's something that might help: Have you ever noticed how the Steam version takes up over 9GB, when it shouldn't even be 4GB? Ever taken a look at the files? It would appear that a lot of loose files are included in addition to the archives. Removing them doesn't keep the game from running and changing them doesn't change anything in the game, so they're likely from development. This includes all the images, mostly both as .dds and .tga (and occasionally .psd), and, more importantly, all the uncompiled Lua scripts, complete with "Proprietary and Confidential" comment at the beginning. Peeking at some of those scripts I found a couple of print statements - apparently there's some kind of debug printing in the game, does anybody know how to display that? Also, did anybody notice the "Nonsense" language? There are texts for it, but setting language to "nonsense" in psychonauts.ini doesn't seem to enable it. Currently I'm just playing around, I'm not trying to get something particular to work. Maybe I should decide on something to start with... Any ideas on what to concentrate on? I guess the logical first step would be a texture mod, just seeing if I can get changed assets into the game at all, i.e. pack them up correctly etc. After that, I could go after the scripts, the models or the levels, I think. Well, do you have any thoughts or insights? Is there even any point to this? I can pretty much only think of 3 kinds of mods that would be possible: HD Mods, i.e. changing textures and possibly models, changes to the difficulty (number and strength of enemies etc.) and adding new levels. There's no need for the former, the game looks nice enough as it is, and the latter is too much work for anybody to bother/finish, so maybe I should focus on Brütal Legend since that's just coming out on PC anyway? Creating custom multiplayer maps for that seems much more achievable. So long, mrwonko
  6. On one of the maps, there are visible holes in the terrain in the distance. Just a minor thing, nothing game breaking or anything, just thought I'd report since we're reporting all kinds of bugs anyway. By the way, I love the artstyle. I really just noticed this because I was thoroughly looking at all the maps. Looking forward to the Art Book!
  7. Yep, seems pretty awesome. Already ordered mine as well. And I haven't even played the game yet, except for some AI Skirmishes in the MP Beta! But I sure love me a good art book. Try dfshop@doublefine.com
  8. Once the battle is over, you don't know what button to press on the scoreboard. We're conditioned to press A to continue, but that brings up details (which are unavailable in AI Battles), and B continues, but that's not displayed anywhere. Maybe it should?
  9. I seem to be having the same problem. I investigated it a little: This seems to happen when you click the "Press Start" button at the start. (I pressed start and it didn't actually work the first time, so I tried the mouse instead.) The Controller works just fine in the menus, but ingame it seems to be broken, except for the Start and Back buttons and vibration. If you start by pressing Start or A, the control switches properly once you press a key/button. (On a sidenote, at some point during my practice AI Skirmish I had some inexplicable fire - probably a bug, too? Or just some mechanic I don't know about?) (On a non-bug-related sidenote, I like how there's multiple version of the "Double Fine" line during the intro. It should still be skippable though, at least after the first time. And you should be able to skip the intro with A, not just B.) --edit-- Since I've already reported additional bugs here anyway, have another one: If you have the build-menu open as you win, it'll stay open during the victory cutscene and there's nothing you can do to close it, until it vanishes when the Brütal Victory text is displayed. More of a nuisance than a bug, I guess...
  10. The documentary soundtrack is part of the $30 tier. I suppose it'll be available separately as well.
  11. That reminds me of how Hard Reset did it, and how the Key was just stored as a plaintext string in the .exe Please don't obfuscate.
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