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  1. there was one. it was announced at project update #8 and again mentioned in project update #9 , around April 2012. if you received any of your physical awards, this (probably) means you also filled out the "name in the credits" field in the survey.
  2. I haven't seen all the documentary episodes yet (or read all the dev updates) so I might be missing some information regarding the playtesting or the way the difficulty level was determined --- but my feeling is that the game was calibrated so that NO ONE WOULD GET STUCK at any point. I think this is a wrong balance. A good balance is (IMHO): 1. experienced players face SOME hard challenges, but mostly easy or medium-level ones. 2. average or "typical" players face MANY challenges, some easy ones, some extremely hard ones (which make them "stuck") and many "medium level" ones. 3. beginner or young players face excruciatingly difficult challenges A good adventure game, in my eyes, should not be one that you can finish in one sitting (if you have no prior info about it or its puzzles). This DOESN'T necessarily necessitate a large scope, it just necessitates multi-layered or complex puzzles that (as described above) require multiple steps to solve. To clarify - the fact that in order to join the maiden feast in Shellmound you have to perform ~10~15 steps or whatever is not an example of what I'm talking about. I'm talking about exactly the way in which the achievement of one specific SMALL goal (like attaining a single item or moving a single obstacle or whatever) requires a multitude of steps / items / interactions in a non-trivial order of operation... A simpler way to enhance difficulty would be to decrease explicit hints (of which there was a huge abundance), and to add more red-herrings (seemingly "useless" items).
  3. have to say I haven't try any of those ("moon" or "home")... are they good? I like playing for experience but I guess it really depends... For example in BA's case - I felt the puzzles leave a lot to be desired (both in terms of their straightforwardness and in how the solution is explicitly hinted by other characters' constantly, AND the fact that most of them are single-layered and don't require a lot of combinations or steps) - and it DID take away somewhat from my enjoyment of the game. I'm not disappointed to a degree of "not enjoying" it at all or "regretting it" (as some people here claim to be) - in fact - i enjoyed it tremendously, but I simply feel like it could have been much more... In Limbo, on the other hand, I really enjoyed the atmosphere, music, looks and overall experience -- and the puzzles (or - in particular - their difficulty or complexity) didn't seem crucial to my enjoyment of that game... I probably would have enjoyed it even if it was easier than it was (and it was QUITE easy... i guess). So I guess it depends on the context and on my expectations from the game? Dunno...
  4. This makes me sad :C I'm really drawn to dark & mysterious games (like Limbo)... they're somewhat of a rarity because most games are either super-colorful, loud and obnoxious (pretty much almost any shooter or action game), or if they are dark - then they are usually scary as #!$#$% (e.g. Amnesia) which I'm not really a fan of. So it's a shame... On the other hand I do see a lot of people (in steam, twitter/facebook etc.) are loving it and demanding more episodes, so maybe there's something to it? The reason I'm asking here is because I assumed that as most people here are either backers of Broken Age or supporters of the cause, they would likely give me better advice than random strangers on steam... *sigh* I really hope someone comes out with some positive things to say on the game...
  5. Hey - did anyone here hear about the (relatively) new PnC adventure game called Kentucky Route Zero? ( OFFICIAL WEBSITE ) It looks really interesting but I'm wondering if someone has gotten the chance to try it?
  6. I had absolutely no clue... I didn't even TRY to see a connection, since I assumed that Shay is in space - separated from Vella by a big distance - and perhaps even by time (I assumed Shay was in the future because of the Overmother's story about the girl and the sacrifice). The Dead Eye God actually didn't seem to me like a future-shay or shay's father, I immediately assumed that perhaps there are MANY others like shay who are seeking a new home as part of Operation Dandellion or whatever it's called... I was actually prepared for them not meeting in this part of the game at all: once I finished Vella's POV I assumed she was to remain in that unconscious state until the next part, and when shay lost consciousness I figured it's just going to be a symmetrical ending where both of them are unconscious and only wake up in the next part....
  7. ya pretty much anything that the knitted buddies said was kind of hilarious... Oh ya and the Marek's crochet comment too... don't know why but that reminded me of Monkey Island's jokes a bit (slightly cynical)
  8. I think the ideal gameplay style would be to progress both of them together (that's sort of what I did) and end each part not too far (in time) from the other part... this way the effect of the connection between the two stories - as well as the twist ending --- is the biggest (IMHO). What I did was start with Shay, progress about half-way through, then (when I was a bit stuck) start Vella, finish her, return to shay, finish his - and boom. I didn't plan to do it that way but that's how it worked out for me...
  9. While I generally agree, there IS probably a grey area (don't know how large) of people who WOULD have bought something if it was available for them (or if it was less expensive, for that matter) OR if there wasn't a pirated version of it --- but resort to pirated versions otherwise. I can give the example of my country, Israel, where the TV show Game of Thrones not available UNLESS you are a subscriber of a specific satellite company. If you have cable, for example, you don't get the show. And you can't get the show legally on HBO website or Netflix (they block anything outside the U.S.)... so this leaves piracy as the only option. It might be that ITunes now has GoT available for Israel too, not sure. But for many years you couldn't buy anything in ITunes that was produced in the U.S. if your country is Israel. So - to conclude -- ya - generally I suppose a lot of the people who downloaded pirated versions wouldn't have bought legit versions, but there ARE people who would have....
  10. perhaps you're thinking of the whole stool sample conversation....
  11. I was not trying to compare Action-RPG's to adventure games, I was just trying to give an example for a game in which SOME people don't enjoy the challenge, but other aspects (killing other players and annoying them, for example). It doesn't always have to be dirty. Some people in Diablo could enjoy exhausting all quests and side-quests, regardless of how difficult they are. I'm just giving examples for cases where the "challenge" of the game is not the only (or even the primary) source of pleasure/entertainment for certain people in certain games. The same could be said for adventure games: I'm sure there are people who enjoy story, humor, dialogue etc. more than they enjoy difficult puzzles or complexity, etc.
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