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  1. You made some very good points. I too think it should be better if the player gets the idea himself rather than pinning it right to his forehead. I also think that DF has the writing skill required to make it so. I would love the game to have a value to honor and not only a price...
  2. No, that's too generalized of you. Just think about Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Saga for example.
  3. You are joking, right? I wouldn't want my kids playing a game with such a message.
  4. Of course. It's clear that a message like "Free Tibet" wouldn't fit to the humour-filled game we all expect and it would also be touchy subject in general. Also a message like "buy double fine yo-yos" wouldn't fit either ;-) However I think there are not enough games out there that want to say something and I think publisher play a role in this because it may affect sales.
  5. Do you wanna play the game just for yourself or do you play it with your kids? Do you want to just to be entertained while playing it or do you think the game should make a point about something? You don't need to collect ideas for messages the game may have (something like "Save planet Earth", "Violence can't be the answer", "Think - it's not illegal yet") in this thread but may do so.
  6. Short answer: Just kind of private Longer answer: At first I tought too, that only backers should be those to know what's going on. I also thought about the last Point&Click; I played - a game called Deponia - that I just stumbled upon without knowing anything about. It turned out to be great game (seeing that it was from Deadalic Entertainment who already made other great games) and I was relieved to not have known anything about it and could discover everything for myself. That's why I think we shouldn't spoiler the public too much before the game hits the shelves (or Steam). Just don't make it super private because I maybe wanna tell a friend or two something about the current progress and I surely don't wanna police them as DF wants to police the backers.
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