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  1. I'm actually not even sure I'd want a "full" version of LPBB to have professional voice acting; as you mentioned, it sort-of contributes to the surreal mood/nature of your experience of playing the game. I could totally see the amount of buds being scaled up so everybody who works on a "full" version could have a bud of their own in-game.
  2. Steed Official Feedback Thread

    Question to DFers (John in particular), since I love the water wheel set piece: Do you have any other ideas for set pieces that you'd like to share?
  3. LPBB Feedback

    Dang, this game would be really sick with speech-to-text integration! Been meaning to grab the Rift dev kit for a while, might be time to finally bite the bullet...
  4. Steed Official Feedback Thread

    I know I found at least a few different easter eggs, so you've probably got a little bit more to explore? I can't remember how many were outside of the fence but I'm relatively certain it's more than one.
  5. LPBB Feedback

    The grass is awesome in this game if you crouch down real low! Moving the shadow of your arm over it makes for a really neat effect
  6. Steed Official Feedback Thread

    Just played through the Steed prototype and really enjoyed it! A few thoughts I had while playing: Wow that's some gorgeous grass. I know everybody's mentioned this but seriously hats off to the grass in this game I was really hoping that I could kick the apple trees to get more apples off of them! I know it's just a prototype so there isn't a whole ton of time to tweak things, but I felt like the time delay between attacks was just a bit too much? Something to focus test, I guess Geez this has hilarious glitches (edited title to make this the sticky thread - John)
  7. Day 10 - and.... DONE!

    Man, this looks so good! I can't wait to mess around with the prototype!